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Sandra Barneda, fined for walking her dog after arguing with a police officer



In this 2020 the world took a quite unexpected turn and a terrible pandemic forces everyone to stay home. In a time when the situation has become alarming, it is almost illegal to go outside. The measures are extended, only essential things, like going to the super market; or walking your dog are allowed.

Uncomfortable situation starring Sandra Barneda

Like most celebrities, Sandra Barneda, shares in her networks; messages addressed to confinement and, in addition, shows how it passes its quarantine. He says that his best company are his pet and books. Also, he is responsible for uploading videos to YouTube, taking advantage of the time he spends at home, to re-establish the bond with his followers.

Despite his motivational messages and having stated on several occasions, the importance of respecting the isolation measures during the state of alert; Sandra was recently fined for walking her dog Nash. While she was doing this, some officers approached the journalist and asked for her identification. You can find here Things famous people did

The police are mainly based on the fact that Sandra had not only exceeded the time of the walk; but also the safe distance and he was already quite far from home. Which is why, she is fined for walking her dog.

Everything could have ended there, however, Barneda did not agree and, on the contrary, expressed his disagreement. Even reaching some contempt, which caused her to be fined for walking her dog. His penalty is quite a considerable figure, being 3,000 euros.

Sandra Barneda posing for the camera

Sandra has recently been fined for walking her dog Nash

Is it or is it not forbidden to walk pets in a state of alarm?

Article 20 of Royal decree, authorizes people to go for a walk with their pets. This being one of the few exceptions in the quarantine. However, many people have taken it as an easy and legal way to escape from confinement. But this is a mistake, a pet is not a golden pass with which you can do and undo as much as you want.

Taking a walk is correct, but it has its time set; and it must be according to the perimeter near your house. A person can be fined for walking their dog as long as they try absurd things like. For example going out for two hours, six times a day.

It is not good to use animals to do this type of illicit activities. Everyone knows that the rules dictated are for the good of the person. In order to procure the end of the pandemic and its spread.

How to avoid a penalty for taking your pet for a walk?

If you do not want to be fined when walking your dog, you must comply with the agreed requirements. Among them, it is mandatory that the walks have a sufficient duration to allow the animal to do its physiological needs. Without ever exceeding 100 meters, since this is the space necessary for the pet to develop.

In addition to the care that must be taken into account so as not to depart from the stipulated rules. Tell yourself, respect social distancing and your pet’s relationship with someone else’s. It is also correct to use substances to disinfect the place where the animal urinates and bags to dispose of feces. Above all, it is important to count the right time, where there is less movement.

So it happened with Sandra Barneda, you can be fined for walking her dog. As long as, ignore the directions made by the government. However, arguing with or resisting orders can make the situation worse. So much so, that the invoice for this inconvenience, ranges between 601 and 30,000 euros.

Another responsibility that can lead to breaking the law, for walking your dog, if you do not do it in open places. If you take your pet carelessly around places that are prohibited by the Security Forces; it is subject to a penalty of 100 to 600 euros. To know news about celebrities click here

Sandra Barneda's profile picture

On October 4, 1975, the television presenter, actress, journalist and writer, Sandra Barneda, was born in Barcelona.

Are animals a risk of transmission of Covid 19?

Nothing has been announced until today, regarding a possible contagion from animals. However, just as it happens with humans; there are distance measures between one pet and another and towards people who are not their owners. Ignoring this can be quite expensive, reaching the most serious fines, up to 600,000 euros.

But this is a large amount of money that you can lose, but measures have to be fully met. But because of the human conscience, of knowing that yourself, you can become a potential danger to the lives of other people and put your own at risk.

To make walking your pets a safe activity, in addition to being necessary, you should wash your hands after handling the animal. It is also not recommended that you touch your eyes, mouth, or nose. In case it is a patient who has or has passed Covid 19; the best option is to take the dog, another member of the family.

Several photos of Sandra Barneda with different haircuts

Her yearning as a child was always to appear on the screen. To accomplish this, he soon took classes at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Who is Sandra Barneda?

On October 4, 1975, the television presenter, actress, journalist and writer, Sandra Barneda, was born in Barcelona. Her yearning as a child was always to appear on the screen. To accomplish this, he soon took classes at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Where he graduated from what always attracted him so much, communication and journalism.

In addition to this, she took theater classes and became an actress, appearing in television series such as “Compañeros”, “Al leaving class” and “Javier looks for his place”. But to all these, what most represents her is her work at Telecinco as a presenter.

But his artistic career has no limits, so F in 2013, started in the world of writing. Bringing to life, a fantastic story, reflected in three novels, of which the first was called “Laugh in the wind.” After this, it continued publishing books that obtained great admiration on the part of the public; as were his novels: “The land of women” and “He will speak of us.”

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