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Social distancing should be extended until 2022, according to a study



Currently humanity is going through a difficult epidemiological situation that seriously threatens life itself. The cause is the new pandemic called COVID-19 that has already claimed thousands of lives in a very short time. A vaccine that cancels its deadly effects so the best way to prevent it is to do social distancing.

Until 2022?

Due to the fact that neither a vaccine nor an effective treatment against the coronavirus has been developed, experts affirm that social isolation could extend until 2022. Specialists from the Harvard School of Public Health published a Article in Science magazine where they explained the situation.

They claimed that a single confinement for a period of time would not stop COVID-19, so it would be necessary to intermittently perform quarantine moments to avoid saturation in hospitals.

Researchers from Singapore and South Korea corroborated the above claims. A prolonged social distancing, could bring serious economic consequences, social and educational. Therefore, it would be more effective to carry out intermittent lockdowns to reduce pressure on health systems.

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The best way to prevent it is to do social distancing

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO joins the study of the issue of quarantine in times of pandemic. It affirms that, even if there is an “apparent elimination”, vigilance and a strategy must be maintained. It released an update of the strategy to be followed by all nations to fighting the virus.

For them, review phases must be carried out and between each phase there must be periods of 2 weeks. The objective of that time is to effectively identify the risk of new outbreaks and to respond to them appropriately.

Hygiene and social distancing become the only weapon against the coronavirus, due to the lack of vaccines. It is still under study, if the sick recovered from the disease whether or not they develop a certain immunity; and create an immunity if you come in contact with the disease again.

Incidence until 2025

The study of experts from Harvard He also pointed out that the incidence that SARS-CoV-2 will bring can be extended until 2025, although it depends a lot on how long your immunity lasts. In addition, he predicts an increase in infections in the fall of this year when social distancing measures are relaxed a bit.

In United States

This nation has been very hard affected by the pandemic, according to the WHO, diagnostic tests should be carried out until 2024 and maintain social isolation measures until 2022.

In official statements by the country’s leadership, they plan to relax the isolation measures to reactivate the economy. Even though the death toll is around 30 thousand people. Despite them, the researchers warned that it will be necessary to test for coronavirus until 2024. Even if the disease is eliminated before that date.

The resurgence of the disease is predicted annually. This case would occur in the winter months, as the same study points out.

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Impact of preventive social distancing

Consequences of social separation

Scientists from Imperial College London conducted a study in 11 countries in Europe to measure the impact that preventive social distancing has had. They all concluded that it had a major impact on the broadcast period. According to estimates, prevention measures in these countries will have saved around 60,000 deaths and only until March 31 of this year.

The estimate was made in Italy, one of the European countries most affected by the pandemic. The results were that just over 38,000 deaths were saved, almost 3 times the number of deaths recorded up to that date. In Spain the estimate was 16 thousand deaths avoided.

What social isolation implies

It was imposed because COVID-19 spreads from person to person. The meetings of more than 10 people. This includes the closure of theaters, cinemas, stadiums, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, religious services and even schools (which have adopted the online learning method).

In case of going out to the street and in visits to supermarkets, approximation rules were established. This is the maintenance from a distance of 6 feet or 1.8 meters.


The term quarantine is synonymous with self isolation. It involves zero contact with the public. It is used only in those people who were exposed to the disease, even if they have no symptoms. When social distancing is done due to illness; it is necessary to stay away from society for a period of 14 days. The time is to ensure that the virus does not spread, this time represents or period of incubation.

Importance of social isolation

Regardless of whether you are in a high-risk area or you should not respect the measures of isolation. The offer of a sleepover at home may be tempting, but for the disease to be eradicated, everyone needs to contribute together.

In countries like Germany, which immediately implemented social distancing measures, it is found that the infection rate was only 0.7%. This number is very small compared to the high infection rates in the European region. It can be said that preventive measures they do not control COVID-19 in a 100% effective way. But if the trends Today, they continue along the same lines, there are positive aspirations for the recovery of humanity.

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The term is the distancing physical rather than social distancing

Physical distancing

A new term recently emerged to describe the measures that are urgently needed today. The term is the distancing physical rather than social distancing. This includes a disconnection from loved ones for the good of oneself and of family members.

Physical distancing includes a separation from family members, but not necessarily a disconnection Social. It is necessary to remain physically distant, but socially connected. This helps to take care of your mental health and that of your loved ones during the duration of this pandemic.

This type of distancing is more effective when the transmission is through contact by drops (sneezing); through physical contact (including sexual contact), by touching an infected surface or by airborne transmission.

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