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Special suits against coronavirus



More than 83,000 people in 56 countries around the world contracted coronavirus. World Health Organization, updated its global risk assessment of the virus from “high” to “very high”. Thousands of people died, while major industries were disrupted by the virus.

All over the world, cities have become ghost towns. Public fears, such as quarantines government, keep people in their homes. That is why everyone wonders if there are special suits against the coronavirus. In function, to be able to lead a normal life, while the virus has not yet been eliminated.

Is there a special suit to deal with this virus?

Is there a way to live your life, with some sense of normalcy, as an epidemic like the coronavirus spreads? Chinese architect Dayong Sun, he believes, maybe so. The man who founded Penda, developed a concept for a portable shield, which, according to him, could be deployed on a large scale during epidemics.

The shield is called Batman, his system was inspired in part, by the natural world, and in part, by the environment that was built. Chinese architect Dayong mentions that the bats They may be a source of the coronavirus outbreak, but they seem immune to its attacks. Their bodies heat up as they fly, allowing them to fight the virus through natural activity, rather than fever.

For the coronavirus shield, he built a lightweight system, more or less similar to lightweight wings that allow bats to fly. Users wear a bag with carbon fiber structure. They hold a PVC film, which is wrapped around them like a jet cabin, or a personal bubble.

This coronavirus suit protects you inside a literal bubble, and it is one of the best ideas, among the special suits against the coronavirus. It is a hazardous materials apparel for the urban traveler. And even though, it’s just a concept, it can’t be done soon enough.

In a certain architectural philosophy, the building is considered a third skin. Sun sees the PVC shield as a portable building, creating a physical barrier between you and viruses. For added protection, UV lights sterilize the surface of the plastic. Batman keeps his hands to himself, within his own vehicle at all times.

Details about the Batman costume

As a long-term goal, Sun believes that PVC could have a full augmented reality interface. That’s why he calls it “a small mobile space for special needs.” It can imagine, which would be like a small office cubicle, that you can take with you.

Within the different prototypes of special suits against the coronavirus. Be, you have your creator with ideas, that your design is completely fabricable. Nor the fiber of carbonNeither PVC are rare materials, and both are so light that you can barely notice them on your shoulders. In essence, Sun conceptualized the hazmat suit, for the urban traveler: a backpack that gives him bat powers (well, not counting flight or sonar).

Men in special suits against the coronavirus

The different prototypes of special suits against the coronavirus

It will be completely safe to wear suits

Comedian Howie Mandel and supermodel Naomi Campbell appeared in public, wearing elaborate hazmat suits showing a way to protect themselves from the virus. “Security is the next level,” Campbell wrote, in an Instagram caption.

Special suits are said to be as effective as cocaine or garlic in the fight against coronavirus. “It’s fun”; says Dr. Ashish K. Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. But, if you look at it from the safety and hygiene side, it’s a disaster.

Like surgical masks, which are now as expensive as Supreme logo T-shirts. This type of protection measures are only really useful for those who are already infected. Hoping to protect others, when forced to leave the quarantine.

Try to wear a hazmat suit, to avoid coronavirus; the opposite could be the case. According to Jha. The trick is that protecting yourself is not as simple as to put on a hazmat suit, is that, take one off; requires extensive training. “Normally, there is a specific protocol you have to follow, or you will end up getting infected,” says Jha.

Parts of a suit to prevent the virus

Parts of the special coronavirus suits are described below. This is not a description of all clothing that could protect against a hazard biological.

These are those indicated in the case of potentially exposed personnel, in the handling of people under investigation, or confirmed virus infection. The exposure risk assessment will make it possible to specify the need for the most appropriate types of protection or special suits.

– Respiratory protection

To avoid being infected by the virus, the cases confirmed, and in research, they must wear surgical masks. In the event that they wear a self-filtering mask instead of a surgical mask, it will not include an exhalation valve.

Since, in this case, the air is exhaled directly into the environment without any type of retention. The UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 standard must be complied with in order to successfully use surgical masks. When this mask is put on, a person with respiratory symptoms; It is the first protection measure for the worker.

– Protection gloves

The parts of the suit, which are they use For protection, like gloves, they have to comply with the UNE-EN ISO 374.5: 2016 standard.

Doctors transporting a patient with coronavirus

The eyes must be used protection, taking care of the risk of ocular contamination from splashing or drops

Other important parts of the special suits

– Protective clothing

The types of special suits that must be used must comply with the UNE-EN 14126: 2004 standard. It is, contemplates specific tests of resistance to penetration of microorganisms.

For maximum possible protection, we must discard biological protective clothing after use. Because this way, we avoid getting infected with something that has glued to the suit.

– Eye and face protection

In the eyes it is necessary to use protection, taking care of the risk of ocular contamination from splashing (for example: secretions, blood, body fluids and excretions).

Certified eye protectors can be full-face glasses. These glasses must be tested to see their degree of tightness.

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