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Stress is a deadly disease. Find out why



Did you know that a lot of stress can lead to death?

How stress is a deadly disease it is important that you know how it appears, what it affects and what you can do. Its repercussions on health are definitely negative, evident and concrete.

Therefore, discover why this common condition leads to such a great evil. You will also learn how to free yourself so as not to suffer deadly implications.

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Why is stress considered a disease?

Mind and body have a powerful link. In recent times, interesting details have been discovered about why stress is a disease. One of the reasons is that, a psychological pressure can damage the whole organism.

In reality, it is not precisely this hardship that causes death but its consequences within the human body. External problems make the overall system look for ways to handle potential threats, but it ends up resentful.

Stress affects the immune system


Stress affects the immune system

When we are under stress, it is as if an alarm is triggered and cells are getting ready for battle. All of them put their functions aside to defend the body. In the end the system is weakened and then discomforts appear in the body.

There is no doubt that the immune system is one of the most affected, because defenses are kept under constant pressure. The longer the period of exposure to stress, the greater the potential for the entry of harmful microorganisms.

Stress versus the digestive system


Any disorder in the digestive system affects the nervous system

The digestive tract and the nervous system are closely related. Any disorder in one can affect the other, but the one that is most damaged is the stomach when emotions are not right.

Gastric juices are increased, which tend to generate a lot of acidity. The intestines reach a high level of disturbance and you can suffer from constipation or diarrhea. In the end it is a disorder of such magnitude, that it manages to be lethal.

Excess pressure damages the brain

stress a disease 4

Excess pressure damages the brain

Stress is a real disease because the patient suffers consequences derived from the discomfort. I can mention several examples such as strokes, whether they are thrombotic or hemorrhagic and, perhaps, a heart failure such as a heart attack.

Although they are not linked or stress-related conditions, they manage to endanger your life. If the brain generates less dopamine, any situation or setback can cause you to lose a little control. In addition to preventing sleep and relaxation.

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Stress can overwhelm you to death

stress a disease 3

Stress can overwhelm you to death

Have you already taken steps to control it and the symptoms still persist?

Ultimately, you can pay a high price because your heart suffers, you age fast, and your risk of cancer increases. If anxiety reaches a chronic state it is very serious and you should visit a specialist to avoid complications.

Your doctor will most likely want to investigate potential causes. They are in charge of identifying the source and teaching you tools to deal with it.

When do we feel stress?

stress a disease 2

You may feel stress after accidental trauma

All of us, at times, have felt burdened for various reasons. As we already saw, stress creates risks to physical, mental and spiritual health. Some of the situations that generate this evil are:

    In the routine: stress at work, school, family, and other daily responsibilities.Abrupt changes: divorce, loss of employment or family, illness, among others.A trauma: accidents, catastrophes, assaults, wars, etc.

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What symptoms do people who live under frequent stress suffer?

stress a disease 1

Can you feel depression

In the body you can have headaches, chest and stomach discomfort. Additionally, muscle stiffness, fatigue, and trouble sleeping are common. Mood is also affected and shows various symptoms. Some of them are restlessness, lack of motivation, anger, irritability, depression, and sadness.

Finally, you will notice that behavior varies when we are under great pressure. You consume more or less food, you suffer outbursts of anger, you isolate yourself socially and you take refuge in vices.

It is important explore options that free you from this discomfort. You already know that stress is a deadly disease only if you let it influence you. Here are activities you can do to ease tensions:

    Always maintain a good sense of humor. Exercise frequently. Execute relaxation techniques such as yoga, tai chi, deep breathing and meditation. Plan quality time with your family and friends. Set aside a space to enjoy yourself. from reading or listening to music Get plenty of rest Have a healthy and balanced lifestyle Avoid the use of illegal substances and alcoholic beverages.
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