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Studies of remdesivir against coronavirus confirm positive results



Since March of this year, the world has been involved in an emergency situation: the Covid 19 it has wreaked havoc on the entire planet causing the death of millions of people. Faced with an epidemiological event, health professionals from various branches have fully committed to saving the lives of those who succumb to this new pandemic. Find out here about: What is the contagion speed of the coronavirus?

Much has been speculated about the drugs with the possibility of “curing” Covid 19; However, so far only one antiviral has been discovered: remdesivir.

Coronavirus sign and as your right a bulb by remdesivil

So far, only one antiviral has been discovered: remdesivir

The antiviral remdesivir

With the beginning of the fight against diseases such as Ebola and the Marburg virus, remdesivir began to be used and its usefulness was proven against the respiratory syncytial virus, Junín virus, Lassa fever virus and other coronaviruses which are the cause Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and SARS.

The remdesivir system consists of interfering with the replication of invading microorganism. In addition to the research for its use against Covid 19, its possibilities against the Nipah and Hendra viruses are being studied. It is a drug, still experimental, that has already achieved hopeful results that could help defeat Covid 19. Studies of remdesivir against the coronavirus have come a long way over the years against other diseases. Click here to learn: How to avoid contagion by coronavirus?

From Gilead to the world

Born in the laboratories of Gilead Science, California, the drug remdesivir was originally an aspiring broad-spectrum antiviral. In clinical trials, one version of the virus was used to closely monitor which one it adhered to. Andrew Joseph, in an article for Stat News in mid-March, stated that remdesivir showed a hint of potential in human and animal cells infected by other coronaviruses. So far, Covid 19 has been the only coronavirus that has caused so many difficulties.

At the moment there are no pharmacological therapies against diseases caused by coronaviruses, only remdesivir has gained a unique role. The global hope is in the studies of remdesivir against the coronavirus.

The prestigious magazine The Lancet among its main articles is a study on remdesivir carried out in China with not very promising results. They selected 237 patients who were given the antiviral. None of them had improvement in their condition and, in some cases, it created additional inconveniences.

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There are no pharmacological therapies against diseases caused by coronaviruses, only remdesivir has gained a singular.

Preliminary results of remdesivir

Of this total, 158 were treated with remdesivir and the remaining 79 were investigated as a control group. Among those patients who tried the drug in question, 18 showed adverse effects to the point that they had to withdraw from the study.

Faced with such a puzzling situation,s Gilea laboratoriesd stated that they were in the presence of inconclusive results. They point to the important fact that the study was suspended for lack of volunteers. Furthermore, it was not robust enough to produce meaningful statistical solutions.

In this matter, the keyword is experimental, adjective, and condition that does not make this drug a foolproof option for studies of remdesivir against coronavirus.

So a logical question arises in the reader, why have they already used this drug? Well, it had already been used against Ebola, although it was not very successful, animal studies had yielded positive results in the fight to eliminate the coronavirus. He remdesivir has been shown to be highly effective.

US approves the use of remdesivir

The government of this country has confirmed the effective results of studies of remdesivir against the coronavirus, an antiviral that they plan to approve to treat the disease. In the National Allergy Institute He came out in favor of the use of this antiviral. Local news claims that the agencies in charge of food and medicine will give the yes for use in emergencies.

Thanks to a controlled and randomized study that included 1,063 patients, it was found that after having administered remdesivir to patients hospitalized for Covid 19, these had a rapid recovery if we compare with those who did not.

These data will help establish new patterns of care for patients infected with Covid 19, in addition to the decreased recovery time in the patient.

Results of remdesivir against Covid 19

STAT News states that the Covid 19 patients who have been receiving the drug had a satisfactory recovery and have returned home in days.

Gilead clarifies about its studies in phase three, it is about tests in human patients to determine their activity on the condition. It is estimated that about a thousand patients participate in countries that have a high rate of people infected by the new coronavirus.

The first of the studies will assess the validity of the drug. For this, it will be dosed during the first 5 days and until the tenth day in patients in serious conditions, who will also be treated with a conventional treatment that is used until now. Study number 2 will provide patients with similar doses to patients with moderate symptoms. These trials for studies of remdesivir against coronavirus have not only been conducted in United StatesBut in France and China they have also been developing, according to Gilead Sciences.

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It is estimated that about 1 000 patients from countries with high numbers of infections by the new coronavirus will participate

Results achieved with remdesivir treatment

Studies in Sweden and Brazil They have found side effects in patients: it is nothing more than heart problems. Furthermore, one of the studies carried out in France; has shown that the drug remdesivir did not offer positive results against the coronavirus. It was associated with heart problems, just like in the United States.

Other latitudes of the world where studies of remdesivir against the coronavirus are carried out are: Singapore , Germany,, Italy, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, , Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom Y the Netherlands. As geography varied, the results of the studies had some variations. Outside of Italy, within two weeks, mortality was 7% in both treatment groups; 64% had an improvement at 14 days and 61% were discharged from the hospital. In summary, it is known that, within two weeks, 62% of those who were treated less critically with remdesivir, were discharged from the hospital, and 49% of those who started their treatment later.

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