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Survivor of World War II and COVID-19 celebrates 104 years



The stories of lives stay in the hearts and minds of people, especially because the story told could be that of anyone, yours, mine or that of an acquaintance. Throughout time, humanity went through crises of all kinds, military, biological, economical. An example of them is the Second World War and COVID-19, which currently affects us.

All have affected thousands of people and as a result of them many human beings have died. Others in contrast defied death again and again, such as the surprising history life of William “Bill” Lapschies, 104-year-old man, survivor of World War II and COVID-19.

Victim of World War II and COVID-19 celebrates 104 years

Despite being the elderly the central axis of mortality of the COVID-19 epidemic, some of them have so much desire for life that they seriously set out to beat the epidemic and become actors in their own history.

William Lapschies, was born in Salem in 1916. In 1943, he was drafted to fight in World War II, and managed to survive it. Beat the flu pandemic Spanish And if that weren’t enough, he just defeated the biggest epidemic right now: COVID-19.

Miraculous recovery, in old age

Celebrating 104th birthday

The survivor of World War II and COVID-19, lives in the house of Veterans Care Edward C. Allworth, belonging to the state of Oregon, in the United States. When suffering the first symptoms remained quarantined as indicated, and turned out to be one of the 15 residents who tested positive for COVID-19, specifically on March 11.

Celebrating 104th birthday

Although the story seems to be taken from a fairy tale comic booksIt is real, because true heroes are not found in books or paintings, but rather walk alongside us and live in hiding.

William Lapschies birthday was twenty five days after presenting symptoms of the disease. On Wednesday, April 1, he turned 104 years old. Neither World War II and COVID-19 can defeat it.

Many thought that he would not live to celebrate them, but after recovering by force of will, the ancestral grandfather was brought under medical personnel to a patio, before relatives and friends in his wheelchair. Loved ones were not allowed into the facility where Will lives because of epidemiological restrictions, but that did not stop them from overlooking his birthday.

Discharged at home

With a blanket on his feet to protect him from the cold, with the nasobuco placed on his cheek, he had a look of satisfaction after having survived the same death, once, more to tell. His face more than a war veteran, for the calluses on his hands and the wrinkles on his white skin. He looked like a box of wisdom, from the brightness of his eyes, from the cleaning of his soul and for the positive energy that he transmitted to everyone who knew him.

The guests, for their part, brought various party supplies and sang happy birthday as they used to do annually, with the difference that they could not give him a kiss. They were all the time a meter and a half away as a preventive measure, as the isolation rule indicates. For his part, honored More than celebrating another year of life, an age that hardly anyone ever celebrates, he felt the need to congratulate himself on another victory achieved in his long life.

His words

When questioned by some of his relatives to find out about his current state, he responded with his gaze fixed on the sun, his eyes they seemed crystals that when touched the first tear would burst: “I feel good, I made it,” William said. “I feel good to be a few more years.”

But her eyesight changed, and that tear never came from her pupils. Many balloons and cakes have yet to be bought for other birthdays. His family stated that they will wait anxiously for his next birthday, because 105 years are not every day. So we are going to have a great party, where we can give him lots of kisses.

At some point William Lapscher was afraid, not afraid of dying, but afraid of not winning, but in his life he never showed it. It would not be now, after so many winters that I would be a coward.

World War II and COVID-19 claimed thousands of lives from humanity.

The elderly survivor of World War II and COVID-19 will be an event to remember and to offer encouragement. Stories like these are needed in today’s times, where give up it is not an option for humanity. William’s smile and spirit are necessary to infect everyone.

104 year old man smiling at the camera

The elderly survivor of World War II and COVID-19

Not only William is a fact of miraculous recovery

Joseph Bostain, a 6-year-old boy from Clarksville, United States, is another of the miracles that arise as a result of the coronavirus. The boy has cystic fibrosis, so his recovery is an achievement for today’s medicine. In the midst of so many deaths in this country, this fact shocked to the whole world and it is a sign of hope to those who are fighting against this terrible disease.

A 45-year-old photographer named Diana Berrent is another of those recovered from the virus. It may not be anything relevant to not suffer of no disease, but it is. The amazing thing about her recovery lies in what she did after she was discharged. Diana began to donate plasma for the creation of antibodies in those sick people.

Although a Recovery miraculous, people who are treated with plasma, from recovered people; if it is a great help in the formation of antibodies that fight the disease. Diana’s gesture has been joined by others recovered from COVID-19 in an unprecedented act of solidarity.

Together we can overcome, same that William, to defeat the pandemic that affects us today!

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