Take care of your hair while being at home

Now most of the world is facing stay-at-home orders, that means salons are closed and women can feel desperate about their hair. Matters need to be taken into our own hands, this time can be used to learn new hair techniques and to repair heat damaged hair. Here there are some tips of what you can do for your hair at home.

Be careful with scissors

If you rely on your hair cutting abilities, it will be advisable to cut split ends in order to remove all that damaged hair. Australian-born hair stylist says this could be the time for reassess and retrim. To trim less than you might think you have to, he advises. He warns though, “this is not the moment to try bangs for the first time, change the shape of your bangs or cut sharp geometric ones”.

Maintain your color

If you do not find yourself ready to commit to a new or permanent color without the eye of the stylist from your salon, the Parisian hair stylist Christophe Robin has created a new treatment to be applied onto damp, shampooed hair. The treatment has to be left on your hair for 40 minutes and after that, gray appears on your base. After five washes, the color starts disappearing. The hair stylist Kristin Ess's Signature Hair Gloss is recommended in case your hair needs toning, it makes your hair cuticles smoother and locks in your hair color.

Avoid damage

If you are currently working from home, skipping a shampoo per week could be a good idea since this can avoid hair dryness and color loss. In addition to that, and to make it worth, you can apply Playa' s Healing Hair Mask after shampooing, a product based on kaolin clay and amla oil to make your strands stronger. Another option could be the Leave-In Treatment Light cream from the beauty brand Rahua, made with quinoa and Rahua oil, which can be applied during the day.

Nancy Twine, the founder of the NY brand Briogeo recommends the line's new Don't despair, Repair! Strengthening Treatment Oil. The oil uses “fatty acid packaged oils to nourish and feed the hair with true, healthy hydration, instead of coating the hair with polymers to give the illusion of shine and hydration”, says Twine.

Be your own stylist

Though you might be working from home or forbidden to go out, a very important thing for a woman is looking at the mirror and see a nice appearance.  For your hair to look good you do not necessarily need the help of a stylist or heat tools. For instance, you can sleep with your hair in a low coined bun and that will create soft waves. If you are looking for a more defined wave you can do yourself a braid before showering at night, that way your hair will absorb humidity. Besides, if you cannot go to your salon, there is a lot you can do since the internet is full of tutorials to guide you through the steps at home.

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