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The 10 most famous magicians in history



Has it happened to you that at the end of a magic act you want to discover the secret of the trick? This is the doubt that appears when you have witnessed a good performance.

Disappearances, illusionism or levitations are some of the common points that the most famous charmers in history have.

Do you want to meet 10 of the best magicians in the world? They are not the only ones, but yes a sample of illusionists with the greatest prestige throughout history.

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David Copperfield, the most famous magician in the world

most famous wizards in history 1

David copperfield

Copperfield had to be the first of all the lists of the most famous magicians in history. He is considered by many to be a legendary sorcerer. His name has reached such greatness that it is recognized even by those who are not lovers of magic.

David Copperfield has been noted for his ability to achieve total success in the commercial industry. Has managed to be 11 times in the Guinness Book of Records. What made him so famous and rich? Simple, he was the youngest to belong to the American wizarding society for his brilliant tricks.

His favorite magic act was disappearance: one of the most enjoyed by his viewers. Other of his best-known games were: flying in the middle of the stage and the vanishing of the statue of liberty.

Why does David Blaine belong to the list of the most famous magicians?

most famous wizards in history 2

David blaine

David Blaine could not be missing from any list of the most famous magicians in history. This young professional has managed to impress half the planet. He is recognized as one of the best for his world records.

His tricks started at street level, but he is currently known for great acts such as catch bullets with your mouth and be buried alive. In addition, he has become renowned for his show of being by 35 hours on an abutment without a harness and 44 days on a box without food. Amazing!

His exploits have led him to be in the Guinness Book of Records. He changed the reputation of charm, making it the entertainment of successful and wealthy people.

Harry Houdini, one of the most famous magicians in history

most famous wizards in history 3

Harry houdini

This magician managed to achieve such a level of success that his name became an expression in the world of magic. Surely you have heard the popular phrase “to Pull a Houdini” or “pull a Houdini”. It comes precisely from the famous acts of disappearance of this magician.

The most prestigious escapist It was popular for acts such as being locked up in a death machine with the help of the local police. While most awaited his death, the magician appeared in the audience minutes before revealing his escape.

Lance Burton: one of the most popular magicians ever

most famous magicians in history

Lance Burton

His well-known phrase “I’m great at what I do” defines him perfectly in the world of magic. He was hired for more than a decade to perform in the casinos and hotels of the famous city of Las Vegas.

He demonstrated his talent in thousands of shows in front of millions of people. It was chosen by the Academy of Magical Arts as “Wizard of the year” on 2 occasions. Part of his popularity came from establishing a chain of acts that were family-friendly.

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Criss Angel, the most acclaimed wizard in modern history


Criss Angel

The events of this wizard led people to think about the very real of the magical pages of the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. His magic is based on deadly tricks and gothic fashion costumes.

His fame has been given for his notable shows of being suspended in the air or set on fire. In addition, it is known for its classic trick of turning coffee into cockroaches. His talent has dubbed him the best magician of the decade. The International Society of Magicians named him The Illusionist of the Century.

Harry Blackstone, the most famous wizard of World War II


Harry Blackstone with El Gordo y el Flaco

Most of today’s magicians take inspiration from tricks that have already been performed and try to improve them. Many of the acts you see on screen today were first performed by great magicians like Blackstone.

His fame rose in the middle of the Second World War. His tricks total almost 80,000 rabbits drawn from sleeves and hats. Harry is famous for being the author of the legendary trick of cutting a woman in half. At the time of his death he was the wizard with the most awards in history.

Penn & Teller, a famous duo since the 1970s


Penn & Teller

It will be common for you to see a magician work with an assistant, but acting with another magician means an exceptional level of magic. Penn & Teller have been in business together since the 1970s.

At present they have the record for the longest stunt performed in Las Vegas. This duo included comedy in all their shows, which is why they were highly acclaimed by the public. You can see on the internet how they constantly defied death, to the point of being hitched upside down on spikes or being run over by a vehicle.

Why is Jorge Blass considered one of the most famous magicians in Spanish history?


Jorge Blass

Definitely on this list of the best magicians in the world is Jorge Blass. If you ever saw their performances, you will never forget them. Result the Spanish magician with the greatest international recognition.

His magic is characterized by having ideas of mentalism and illusionism. With his show called “The Art of Magic” he traveled for several years with his entire team. His tricks shocked the world! He toured Spanish theaters with acts of interactive magic, levitations or disappearances.

Apollo Robbins, one of the most reputable magicians in history


Apollo Robbins

You’ve probably heard of the gentleman thief, since that’s exactly what Apollo Robbins is known for. Because of his talent, he has managed to appear in important programs such as The View o Real hustle.

His nickname is due to one of his most famous tricks. This act included the robbery of Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service employees. It was a show of such magnitude, that it brought the interest of the agencies to train them against real thieves.

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James Randi, a famous magician


James randi

His beginnings were in the world of acting. However, he soon specialized in tricks that included escapes. Not only did he become one of the most famous magicians in history for his talent, but for his unwavering struggle to expose the con artists of illusionism.

He is known for being a magician who uncovered the deceptions of others on many television shows. He passed away at the age of 92, and left many the hope that his mind and his sense of responsibility with the public will continue to be an example.

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