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The 5 best and most recommended wireless headphones



You may already be sick of your hearing aids getting tangled at the exact time you want to use them. That’s why wireless headphones were invented, thanks to the bluetooth technology. There are many useful applications that these types of devices provide us, as are brands. Here I bring you a list of the 5 best and most renowned wireless headphones.

These are the main uses of technology in everyday and modern life

My True Wirelexx Earphones 2S


My True Wirelexx Earphones 2S

It is a dual Core chip, technology that improves the synchronization transmission between the two, so the experience will never be bad. They are one of Xiaomi’s wireless Bluetooth headphones. The sound latency is reduced considerably, interference is minimal and the connection established between the two has more stability.

This speaker is 14.2mm comprised of a dynamic horn. The bass manages to be deep and full, the midrange is smooth, and the high-frequency sounds are bright and clear, ensuring the purity of the sound. It has wireless charging and is capable of lasting 24 hours of continuous music, the service life is extended if you use the case. The autonomy is good and the optimization is excellent, Latin that does not have noise cancellation.

Cuffie Bluetooth Sport

wireless headphones 4

Cuffie Bluetooth Sport

They are arguably one of the best wireless headphones in terms of budget prices. The listening experience is excellent and allows you to have up to 15 different EQ presets. The default profile is balanced and easily accommodates a wide variety of music genres and even audio content.

As for their construction, they are made of solid plastic that survive falls and bumps with ease. They have an IPX7 certification, which translates into protections against dust, water and sweat, so using them in the pool or shower is not a problem. They are very comfortable to wear for long periods, such as at your workplace, and firm enough to be able to run and play sports.

As for battery life, they can do it for up to 6 hours continuously, although if charged in the box they can do it for much longer. The technology is Bluetooth 5.0, which is a stable connection, low latency and almost no consumption, while the sound is high fidelity. Users have good opinions of it.

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ENAC Fire E18

wireless headphones 3

ENAC Fire E18

They are wireless headphones that have a very good value for money. They have the property of perfectly fit the hearing space, since they have a membrane system to avoid pain in the ears. This option is to be considered for athletes who are comfortable for running and cycling.

The technology is Bluetooth 5.0 and it even has a built-in microphone, fully compatible with Android and iOS. Its connection is very fast once it is visible and the ignition methods are modern. Additionally, has a 3D stereo Hi-Fi audio system, which will give you the opportunity to isolate yourself from the environment and concentrate better on the music.

The battery is long-lasting, giving it an autonomy of 4 hours of uninterrupted music. Its perfect grip on the ear means that you can practice any sport with ease and without the risk of it falling off. It is an accessible option at less than 35 euros. It has a case with a built-in battery, which protects them from shocks and vibrations.


wireless headphones 2


I’m talking about wireless headphones with technology Bluetooth 5.0 with a charging autonomy of up to 4 hours of use. It has a built-in microphone, an element that proves the high quality of sound reception, providing professional conditions for those who like good music and wish to isolate themselves from the external environment.

They are comfortable and fit very effectively in the ear. It has 3 caps of different sizes to be able to adjust the one of your preference. The carrying case also charges them. The materials are semi waterproof, which is a great advantage when running, as sweat will not be a problem. You can find them for less than 30 euros.

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wireless headphones 1


They deliver great battery life satisfaction and their sophistication is worthy of the pros. The sound is stereo, isolates external noise and even has a built-in microphone. The protection technology is IPX4 against water, so you can calmly do sports that sweat will not affect it. The connection to Bluetooth is excellent, reaching 10 meters.

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