The Beatles or The fake Beatles?

Back to the year 1964 it was announced that The Beatles will give a concert in Argentina. Argentinian fans were anxiously waiting for the Fab Four who were supposedly coming from London. However, four Americans named Tom, Bill, Vic and Dave showed up instead. This is a weird story that surprised millions around the world and that undoubtedly can be remembered as a bizarre fact in the Music industry. The truth is in fact that The Beatles were back in London and that time and nowhere near Argentina. They had taken a rest stop from concerts but without letting them know, four young guys from Florida, USA, had arrived to Argentina to give a concert saying they were The Beatles.

The American Beetles Vs The Beatles

These guys were previously called The Ardells but after seeing the success the Beatles were accomplishing they decided to dress the same, to have lookalike haircuts and to be renamed with a similar name, The Beetles instead of The Beatles, names with different spelling but the same pronunciation. That way, when they say their name, they won't be telling a lie, they were indeed The Beetles.

ʺ I got these four guys and I said, grow your hair and we are gonna call you the American Beetles ̋. ʺ We wore our hair the same, we dressed the same, we wore suits. It was pretty good, expressed Bill Ande, their lead guitarist ̋. Whether it started or not as a joke, the group's new name made them win a higher audience and more attention from promoters and agencies in Florida who were willing to give them contracts.

The group was spotted in a Miami club by an impresario called Rudy Duclós. This man was from Argentina and he told The Beetles that he was willing to give them a free tour of South America. A small and curious detail was that at the time of talking to agencies for them to promote the concert Duclós never mentioned the spelling thing, that means he sold the group as The Beatles instead of The Beetles. They signed contracts, officially booked the concert and Argentinians were eager and anxious to see the Beatles, to their surprise, they will see another group instead.

What happened when The Beetles arrived to Argentina?

A competition started in Argentina among channels to see which will have the opportunity to broadcast the concert live. ̏ When they went on air, the people realized that they were not the real Beatles but the fake Beatles ̋, said Alejandro Romay, Channel 9' s chairman. ̏ Everybody was chasing them, the police, the people from Channel 13, the judge ̋ . ̏ Already in Palermo, I had the trucks and everything set up. We got there, went to a hotel in the suburbs in San Telmo that nobody knew about and we locked them up ̋, he added.

What happened to the fake Beatles?

Even if they started with jokey intentions, they saw themselves involved in a scam. They were just a silly rock band that was taking a chance whose end was not the one they desired. After the events, having the name American and Beetles was a drawback for them at the time of getting a radio airplay. Apparently, everybody prioritized British groups and they were no longer taken serious as artists.  They changed their name again, this time they were called The Razor's Edge but never succeeded. Finally, the Band went different ways by the end of the decade. But one thing is for sure, whether a scam or a joke, Argentinians will never forget the first time The Beatles were going to play in that country.

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