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The contortionist’s disease



It’s funny how there are hundreds of important ailments that we don’t know about.

Have you ever wondered how bad an excess stretch can be?

It seems illogical that such good skill in sport and dance can be harmful to health. However, all extremes are bad and a product of this one in particular; is that the famous contortionist disease is born.

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What do we know about this disease

contortionist disease

Joint hypermobility

Contortionist disease is also called joint hypermobility. Despite being quite frequent, it is very little known. It is a extreme flexibility of the joints.

As is known, collagen is the most elastic tissue in the entire body. But another of its characteristics, its fragility, makes it very prone to injury.

Most common causes of contortionist syndrome

If its origin were subject to physical conditions, the person could avoid it by maintaining a more careful training, but this is not the case.

Contortionist disease is caused in 50% of cases by hereditary abnormalities that will later suffer at least half of the children. The other 50% is the product of genetic mutations (children of parents who do not have the disease). The latter case could be subject to the absence of folic acid during pregnancy.

Main symptoms of the disease

contortionist disease 2

Stiffness and pain in muscles and joints

If symptoms flare up, it’s okay to start worrying. The most frequent manifestations are: stiffness and pain in muscles and joints.

These are ailments that appear quickly and without apparent cause. In most cases, they are influenced by other factors such as variations in the weather and the menstrual cycle in women.

Contortionist disease is associated with other complications such as joint spillage. These, in turn, are the consequence of overload, almost always in the knees.

To all of the above, an apparent weakness of the tissues is added that gives rise to:

    Tendinitis, Bursitis, Subluxations (bones that come out of place), Back pain, Hernias, White and varicose skin Cardiac disorders (in more serious situations).

Does suffering from contortionist disease have advantages?

It may sound crazy, but the truth is that there are benefits. Examples of this are the special physical activities in dance and gymnastics.

Try to focus your attention on the fact that this is a positive factor for your career and not a painful disease. It may be easier for you to live with this syndrome.

Be careful, this does not mean that you can forget what the contortionist’s disease really means. Although it is wanted, the injuries caused in the long run affect the quality of life.

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How to prevent this disease?

contortionist disease 3

It is advisable to practice yoga

Avoiding suffering from joint hypermobility is something that has had very little success. This is largely due to the fact that it is a pathology of genetic origin. However, this does not mean that there is no way to prevent its severity.

The best remedy for it is to avoid an exaggerated extension of the joints. It is advisable to practice yoga, pilates, tai chi and swimming. With this you can strengthen tendons and muscles.

If your sport or your favorite hobby causes you pain, it is recommended that you stop practicing it. One effective method is to take short periods of rest and avoid the same body posture for hours. In extreme cases, it is best to consider changing your profession.

Effective treatment for contortionist syndrome

The bad news is that there is no curative treatment. People with contortionist disease undergo various procedures to improve their quality of life.

In its acute phase, the main thing is the complete rest of the affected joint. Added to this are massages, the application of heat or cold to the site of the injury, ultrasound and the use of splints. In addition, muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatories are given for short periods.

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What if the disease is chronic?

contortionist disease 4

The most indicated specialist to treat patients is the rheumatologist

In this case, the most indicated specialist to treat patients is the rheumatologist. This is responsible for differentiating HES (Joint Hypermobility Syndrome) from other more serious forms and determining the best treatment.

It is often necessary for a therapist to take care of restoring the joint’s normal range of motion and improving physical condition. Activities like acupuncture often help, and occasionally, are necessary as a form of pain control treatment.

It is important to remember that they should be taken more general measures to treat the disease. Between them:

– drink two to three liters of water a day,

– eat high salt if it is not contraindicated,

– rest after meals,

– wear elastic stockings up to the knees.

Things like inactivity and spending a lot of time on your feet should be avoided. It is necessary to rule out associated diseases such as anemia or dehydration. Medications to raise blood pressure contribute significantly to improvement in the patient.

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