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The European Commission advises against booking trips for the summer



As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis around the planet, the president of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen has recommended for the moment not to think about making trips for the summer.

The European Union in the face of the coronavirus

Faced with the global dilemma, the European Union suggests suspending travel for the summer. It is anachronistic in times where the world is threatened with a devastating disease, to think of travel and happy times. Among other reasons, because there are thousands of deaths and it is not known when the pandemic will end or if it will one day end, due to its speed of contagion

The clarification from the European Union raises concerns in the tourism sector, which is already forecasting a significant decrease in earnings for the season. The sector will lose 92.5 billion euros this year due to the impact of the coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic managed to put all of humanity on guard.

In the interview published in the renowned newspaper “Bild”, Commissioner Leyen affirmed that there are possibilities that older people are kept isolated for a longer time, until the end of the year. He made it clear that without a vaccine it is very difficult to eliminate infections, so he stressed that the main thing is to be disciplined and tolerant.

However, it is currently necessary to rethink whether this vaccine can be obtained by old experiences, for example in the absence of the Vaccine for HIV / AIDS

President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen

The clarification of the European Union brings with it concerns in the tourism sector

Germany suggests suspending travel for the summer

In official media such as the German newspaper “Bild”, the president of the organization stated: “I recommend waiting before making plans. Nobody can now make reliable forecasts for July and August ”, since the predictions about the consequences of the coronavirus are not reliable.

One of the measures that they took prudently in the tourism sector, to avoid massive cancellations, was to change a ticket, one trip for another later. The trip would take place when the conditions are fully created. With the aforementioned resolution taken by Germany, the delivery of the cash and its negative consequences would be avoided. The president of the European Commission before the aforementioned measure sees some doubt and clarifies that the reimbursement of users cannot be prevented.

Given the legislation adopted in the European country, the president of the Leyen Commission, emphasized the obligation of companies to offer both options. That is, the delivery of cash or the possibility of a subsequent trip.

Impacts on tourism in Germany due to the coronavirus

As a result of the pandemic and the limitations imposed by it, tourism in Germany is experiencing moments of uncertainty. In addition to the quarantine in which its citizens live, the lack of tourists is added due to the closing of borders of many countries of the European Union. Despite the negative consequences in the tourism sector, government measures to protect citizens could not be avoided. Germany is the fifth most contagious country, after the United States, Spain, Italy and France.

The number of infected with the pandemic amounts to 120,479, according to the Robert Koch Institute of the German country. The death toll is 2 673 people. Despite the data provided by the German country, the American Johns Hopkins University believes that deaths and those infested with the pandemic in the European country are higher. Therefore, given the numbers collected, the recommendation to suspend travel for the summer is in tune with the international situation related to the disease.

President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen giving a speech

The European Commission remains alert to all member states, but its concern comes with the case of Hungary

Spain and travel for the summer

In Spain, on the other hand, the Consumers Associations want them to refund the money in case they have already paid a ticket or reservation in a tourist entity. Users have the right to decide what they want and the entity to offer the refund in case that is the aspiration of the client.

In the Spanish country, the second most visited in the world, the consequences for tourism caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are already being seen. The need for social isolation as a preventive measure to save lives, caused the beaches last Easter to be desolate. Never in the history of tourism has there been a situation of such magnitude that it will significantly affect the country. All this without knowing in a concrete way the effects on the tourism sector.

It is not known exactly when the Spanish beaches will be filled again, along with the hotel entities. It is only known that the losses of these tourist industries will be high.

Impact of GDP in Spain

In Spain, according to scholars on the subject, the Gross Domestic Product will decrease between 12 and 14 percent from the second semester. The national wealth is speculated that it will reduce 5.3% in 2020. The economic recovery will be gradual. The decline in the tourism sector and throughout the country is expected to affect the employment of many citizens.

Jobs related to the tourism industry are asking the government for a plan to support the sector, to hope they can recover from the crisis. This is the case of the company Exceltur, which claims a crash program to ensure the first Spanish industry.

Tourism for Spain

Faced with the suggestion of the president of the European Commission to suspend trips for the summer, what is necessary is to ensure the survival of tourist companies. Without receiving income and having to cancel and refund many reservations, a serious economic crisis is taking place for one of the most important sectors of the country.

Of the summer trips only 50 and 60% of the national demand could be stimulated. It is illusory to expect international tourism to start landing in Spain in July and August. Even when the time comes to open the borders, even tourism would be fragile. Until there is tranquility throughout the world, the negative numbers in the tourism sector will not be overcome.

the president of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen in front of the press.

President Ursula Von Der Leyen informs that the commission remains alert

Hungary and the European Commission

The European Commission remains alert to all member states, but its concern comes with the case of Hungary. In the Hungarian country a series of laws were carried out from the month of March. The laws were made by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The ultraconservative was granted, for an unlimited time, extraordinary powers to combat the pandemic, which was not well seen in the European Commission.

In the case of Hungary, Leyen assured in the press organ “Blind”, that he is willing to take relevant measures at the time when the regulations taken by the coronavirus are excessive and taken advantage of beyond the time of the pandemic. He emphasized that the decrees have to be in the established time because of the pandemic and for the benefit of all.

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