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The Internet and the things you should know



May 17 is the day international from the internet. This celebration has been held since 2005. If you want to know more about the internet, here I bring you 14 curious facts that you did not know.

Huge world traffic

Almost all the people in the world, or at least the vast majority, use Internet. But you know how much traffic it generates if at least 5 million people use it randomly. The figures are impressive.

Every second 8,000 Emoji are being sent, 45,000 GB of data is being downloaded, 800 photos are uploaded to Instagram, 10,000 reactions on Facebook, 73,700 are being carried out video calls and 3 million emails are sent, just to mention a few examples.

There are almost 2 billion users on Facebook

Facebook, Instagram and WatsApp

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Applications with more users in the world

Facebook is the most used social network worldwide. There are almost 2 billion registered users. Also WhatsApp and Messenger have reached many millions of users with 1,190 people.

The world’s first mail was ” QWERTYUIOP ”

The first e-mail was sent by an American programmer named Raymond S. He made a program that allows messages to be sent from one computer to the other on different networks. This man was the first to use the ” @ ” sign as a separator for username and computer.

In an interview he gave to the press, he declared that he did not remember the content of the message he sent, because as it was a experiment, he just wrote 10 random letters, something like this: “QWERTYUIOP” and it became history.

Pornography on the Internet

For the internet there are no limits. If you have access to it, you have access to all kinds of information without any kind of restrictions. Since In 2015, there was a traffic of 6,000 searches for pornographic content. 90% access it for free and the remaining percent pay to acquire it. This is without a doubt the dark side of the web.

What does ” internet ” mean?

Surely you wonder what the word means and where it came from. Well, find out that this word made its appearance by first Once, in a book titled “Internet Transmission Control Programs.” But its name as such comes from the concepts ” inter; system; networking ”.

Every second 13 new computer viruses are created

The Internet and Computer Viruses

Computer virus

The virus Computer scientists are malicious programs, whose function is to alter, modify or delete a certain amount of information. According to the company that is dedicated to computer security: Kaspersky, affirms, that every second 13 new viruses are created, which implies a danger for users.

Digital currencies

With the advancement of technology, decentralized digital currencies, which do not belong to any bank or country, known as cryptocurrencies. Its value is very volatile, mainly Bitcoin, which in just 48 hours can change its value in thousands of dollars. A sample taken on March 10, 2020, at 7:00 pm, reached the value of $ 7,900 per unit.

Another cryptocurrency is Ethereum. Its value in 2016 was $ 90 per unit. Nowadays reaches approximately 200.

1234 is the most used password worldwide

According to security application companies, the most used passwords internationally are numbers random. These sequences are very popular by users as they are fast to type and easy to remember. One of the most popular is ” 12345 ” and ” 123456 ”.

It is also very common to use the dates of birth, marriage, christening, the name of the couple, among many more.

The mp3 was invented in 1991

The first mp3 was created in 1991. At that time it was not so well known and there were many factors that made possible its rise in the world. One of them, and the most relevant in my opinion, was the creation of the ” Winamp ” sound player and the launch of the first IPod.

The first webcam was created to see when the coffee was ready

The first webcam was created by specialists from the University of Cambridge. Their objective was to ensure that the coffee machine that was two floors apart from them, prepared their coffee without the need for them to have to fetch it sooner or later.

His invention became so popular that it revolutionized the world. Thanks to this discovery arose the so useful video calls in real time and infinities of utilities associated with this powerful tool.

The first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005


Youtube. Most popular video platform in the world

The first video of Youtube was published on April 23, 2005 with the title: ” Me at the Zoo ” by Jawed K. which was one of the great promoters of the platform. Today YouTube is one of the most used search engines along with Google. Millions of users live part of their lives on this platform browsing through its several million videos.

The most popular meme on the internet

The most popular meme on the internet until 2017 was “YUNO” with more than two million pieces from users. The second most popular was “Futurama-Fry with more than one and a half million photos.” Currently the most viral is the cat and the woman, which was inspired by a chapter in a series, almost reaches a million versions, in all kinds of languages.

The first computer virus

In May 2000, countless Windows users received an email. It was a virus that affected 50 millions people in less than 2 weeks. In addition, some organizations such as the CIA and the British Congress were also affected by this malicious software.

Those who invented ‘ILOVEYOU’, were two boys from the Philippines and not sThey were arrested or punished because at that time there were no such laws in the Philippines.

The creation of Netflix

Reed Hastings, the father of Netflix, had the idea of ​​creating this platform in 1997. Hastings was delayed longer than expected in transmitting the movie ‘Apollo 13’ which brought him a penalty, so he wanted to conceive a service that had no time limits to enjoy the best cinematographic products and that is how this platform emerged.

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