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The most shocking shots of ghost appearance



For many years the issue of ghosts is part of our society, some see it as something paranormal and others simply do not believe in its existence.

A scientific study carried out in Switzerland in 2014 showed that ghosts do not exist, simply the feeling that a person has when witnessing a ghost is triggered by a distorted proprioception. This means that the person can perceive that there is another body next to him when in reality there is no one and it is himself.

But no matter how much scientific studies are done on this subject, there will always be people confirming the existence of ghosts that are nothing more than spirits or dead beings that manifest themselves to the living, either perceptually, auditory, or visually. They believe that they drag objects or even give off a unique scent mainly in places that he frequented when he lived close to family or close friends.

Since the invention of the camera, people have tried to capture images that show the existence of ghosts. That is why here we show you the most shocking shots of ghost appearance.

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William Mumler

ghost appearance 1

William Mumler

William Mumler He was an American amateur photographer and is said to have been the first to capture a spirit in a photograph in the early 1860s. This photographer was charged with fraud for capturing an image of the late President of the United States Abraham Lincoln. After this photo, Mumler became very popular for his images of ghosts.

Lady Dorothy Townshend or the brown lady

The UK’s prime minister was Robert Walpole and one of his sisters was named Dorothy. She was having an affair with her lover and when her husband found out, he locked her in his rooms. The ghostly photos that have been captured of her is on a ladder so it is believed that she died from a fall because of them, her death is still a mystery. It is the most famous photograph in history when it comes to ghosts.

La Llorona

ghost appearance 3

La Llorona

La Llorona is the spirit of a woman who according to legends lost or killed her children. For this reason, photos have been taken where the image of a woman wandering the streets looking disconsolately for her children has been captured.

The ghost boy

The child

The ghost boy

The image is about a child sitting on a grave. The photo was taken by Mrs. Andrews in 1947 and she became aware of the ghost when she developed the film. She claims that she had never seen that child and that it was obviously not her son, although small graves have been created especially for children, in the funeral records the child in the image has never been identified.

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The Unexpected Guest-1950

The unexpected guest-1950

In the 1950s a photo was taken in which a family appears sitting at a table, this is a very common scene since they show some children sitting on their mother’s lap, but the intriguing thing about all this is that behind They appear a very unexpected guest and it is a man hanging on the rafters of the house.

Grandpa’s ghost


Grandpa’s ghost

On one occasion, an elderly widow who was living alone at that time asked her granddaughter Denise Russell to take a photo of her in order to capture the memory of that moment, August 17, 1997.

The photography for the family was very casual, there was nothing that was not normal, but at Christmas 2000 when taking the old photos from a trunk they could notice that next to the old woman a standing male figure was shown and the family could confirm that it was his grandfather who passed away in 1984.

The two crew


The two crew

James Courtney and Michael Meehan were two crew members who died while on board a ship and both were buried at sea. Members of the crew have been able to confirm that they have seen the faces of these men in the water, but that moment was so fast that they could not capture an image, they returned to the place other times and to their surprise they saw them again, this happened on five occasions, but none of the photos taken was valid.

Finally, SS Watertown in his sixth attempt was able to take the image that clearly shows the faces of these two men. This is one of the most shocking ghost shots.

Ghost on the farm


Ghost on the farm

Neil Sandwich was the wedding photographer for his friends who got married on a farm in 2008. When Neil put the images in Photoshop to begin editing, he noticed a mysterious white figure shown looking at his friends. The inhabitants of the house with fear have confirmed that on previous occasions they have seen the ghost of a child dressed in white clothes in the surroundings of the farm.

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The Gray Lady of Hampton Court


The Gray Lady of Hampton Court

Holly Hampsheir was a 12-year-old girl at Hampton Court Palace, London in February 2015 when she suddenly grabbed her iPhone to take a photo of her cousin Brook. After a few hours when they review the photos of their stay at the Palace they realize that Brook was not the only one in that photo.

It is a tall, gray woman, covered by a cape and apparently chasing the girl, however, in a second image no traces of her were found.

Believing or not believing in ghosts will always be a myth in the world, but we cannot ignore these shocking images of ghosts.

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