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The six most extreme water sports in the world



Adrenaline, intense emotions and a lot of fun are the results of practicing extreme sports. Many are the fans of the benefits of these hobbies, and it is that extreme water activities are definitely the best way to enjoy the beach season to the fullest.

In this article I show you the six of the most extreme water sports in the world. Dare and try these fun activities.

Six water sports that will take your breath away

In the summer, the desire to go to the beach to cool off and enjoy the sun is common. But if you are the adventurous type, I propose six water sports to enjoy to the fullest.

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Surfing, be the master of the waves


Surfing, the master of the waves

The origins of this beach recreation date back to the islands of Polynesia more than 500 years ago. When the natives ventured out to ride great swells.

One of its most important aspects has to do with etiquette, you always have to dress for the occasion. In this case, an anti-slip one-piece suit.

A must-have accessory is the surfboard. Created or bought, each surfer gives a personal character to this wooden friend. This is a form of distinction.

But surfboards have an additional function: they are equipped with a piece that you must place by holding your ankle when riding waves. A security mechanism.

Standing on the reeling waves is not an easy task, it requires effort and hard work. For this sport, the most advisable thing is to train your arms and balance before being on a board.

If you wonder where to find the best conditions to practice this generally on sandy beaches you will find the best waves. Many amateurs and professionals take advantage of these shores to show their tricks and rehearse various maneuvers to dominate the sea.

Don’t you know many? I explain some to you.

    Take Off: It is the first step to master to surf, it consists of slowly leaving the board until you stand up. Cut Back: When leaving the wave while it is breaking, you must make a 180 degree turn to return to the wall of the wave .Botton Turn: It is the turn that is made to get out of the wave when it breaks Snap: This step tries to make 90 degree zig zags on the board.

Sea diving, dive to the depths


Sea diving

Sea diving is a sport that will give you many freedoms.

The first news of immersion dates back to ancient times, to the year 168 BC. It was used for hunting and gathering marine food or precious objects such as pearls and shells.

To dedicate yourself to observing the mysteries and beauties of the deep, you need at least one amateur diving equipment: a set of visor with snorkel and frog legs.

If what you are looking for is danger Remember to wear the right gear:

    regulator air bottle with depth gauge, hydrostatic vest, manometer and ballast.

The best areas for diving are usually coral reefs and tourist places where the flora and fauna are controlled by the inhabitants of the area.

    Raja Ampat is a beautiful place where you can find up to 75% of all types of known coral species. This destination found in Indonesia is considered by several experts as a unique place. It is a marine oasis with more than 1000 species of fish.The Galapagos Islands: This Ecuadorian island is different from all diving destinations. You can find an exuberant marine life, from sharks, dolphins, turtles, sea lions and much more. Given the hidden location of this paradise, the fauna is usually friendly with tourists, since people do not usually visit there.Great Barrier Reef: This destination is well known for how accessible the marine beauties of the people are. The warm waters of Australia give you more than 2,000 kilometers of beautiful coral reefs that will amaze you with their charms.

Windsurfing, the evolution of extreme surfing

more extreme water sports 5


This activity is one of the preferred by young audiences. He was born in the United States, when a couple of Californians decided to find out if they could surf with a sail on the board. This experiment gave the world an exciting new sport.

The ideal destination for practitioners of this exciting pastime are the beaches of New Zealand. Don’t forget that you need great control of the winds, balance and waves.

The difference between windsurfing and surfing is the dynamism that sailing gives you. Incredible jumps and extraordinary pirouettes is something that this sail adds to the surfboard.

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Kitesurfing, fly!

more extreme water sports 3


Kitesurfing combines the techniques of surfing and paragliding. This extreme sport is on the list of the most difficult and risky in the world. In general, it is very similar in synthesis to surfing.

Consider that, to be able to fly over the waves, you need the right equipment: a ski suit, tightly attached to a harness and of course the paraglider.

Dare to try this crazy sport! On the beaches of Spain and in Indonesia you will find the best winds to rise above the waves.

Motorboat, pure adrenaline

more extreme water sports 2


The ideal for danger lovers. For this sport you must have your own jet ski and its respective safety equipment.

It is a derivative of motorboat racing. Its further parameters are:

    speed on the high seas speed on shore resistance.

Motor boating is a dangerous and demanding activity. For that reason I offer you the following tips to be calm and agile on the waves:

    You must have registration, it is a mandatory requirement in any maritime captaincy. Vehicles must have civil liability insurance. Navigation documentation must be on the motorcycle at all times. In your vehicle you must have without fail, the documentation proving that your insurance is valid and functional To be able to enjoy this sport you must be 18 years old or at least 16 with the authorization of your parents. Every user of the vehicle must wear a life jacket. Only the number of people indicated by the manufacturer can board the motorcycle.

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Water skiing, face the waves

more extreme water sports 1

Water skiing

Known since 1920, its popularity boom was mostly seen in the 50s. A time when new boats and more powerful equipment appeared.

This is another one of the crazy cousins ​​of surfing and snowboarding. This is one of the most extreme water sports in the world with a board. Like all sports on two boards, practice and excellent reflexes are necessary.

In general, any beach can provide you with the perfect conditions to ride waves. You just need a motor to pull you and a good rope to hold you up.

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