There is an International Hug Day!

International Hug Day is celebrated every January 21. This date was born almost 25 years ago in order to boost the displays of affection between friends and family.
A little known date, but with a great message is celebrated every January 21. This is International Hug Day a holiday that seeks to boost interpersonal affection, highlighting its importance in life.
When was the first International hug day?

This tradition began in 1986 when businessman Kevin Zaborney learned that various studies confirmed that people were showing less and less affection among their friends and family.

Zaborney concluded that these actions were carried out by commitment and obligation. Seeking to counteract this, he established the date of International Hug Day as an excuse to squeeze those special people.

The businessman incorporated this date in the Chase Event Calendar, a weekly magazine that presented all local festivities in the United States; getting it to reach international notoriety.

In addition, the celebration is commemorated one day after the saddest Day of the year or "Blue Monday", which takes place every January 20, seeking to counteract the negative effect that this date has for some people.

Hugging is beneficial

Various scientific studies have concluded that hugging improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety; causing people to feel better emotionally.

This is because this show of affection causes oxytocin to be released, called the happiness hormone, which decreases the production of cortisol and adrenaline; because of this the person feels immediately better, with less nerves and more comforted.
So there you know: hugging is good for stress relief and makes you happy!!
Happy hugging!!

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