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This is truly how you live in China



China is the country largest, most populous and second in the world economy. There you have access to almost all services, even if you are a foreigner. In addition, there is a wide cultural diversity throughout the nation.

Have you thought about how you could live in China?

In this article I really show you how to live in China. A place full of history and modernity, that can become your home if you prefer.

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Discover the truth about living in China

The Asian giant is a country full of contrasts. Nevertheless, it is incredible how little is known about him. The culture is very impressive, and there is no doubt that it is a world to discover. Today I bring you closer to the truth of how people live in China.

The food that is eaten in the Asian country


Variety in Chinese food

Do you know what is the Chinese philosophy regarding gastronomy?

Anything that is nutritious and non-poisonous is edible. That is why many of the foods they consume are unthinkable such as dogs, insects, snakes, among others. As well as turtles, bamboo shoots, frogs, lotus leaves, and giant turnips.

However, this not all. They know that food has health effects and that is why they use it as medicine. They also take advantage of seasonal products, because they believe that nature indicates what to eat in each season.

Its gastronomy is based on a contrast balance in flavors with very rich and varied results. The final detail about Chinese cuisine are the rules imposed:

    Always eat cooked vegetables, drink the previously boiled water, and eat a few fried foods.

Rent an apartment in China


An apartment in China

The rental of the house is one of the most important aspects to know how to live in China. Depending on the environment, costs may vary. There are specific areas for foreigners where the price can be doubled.

Usually the contract lasts for a year and it is common to pay one or two months of rent as a deposit. It all depends on how long you decide to be in the country and the needs you have.

This is how Chinese traffic is lived


Traffic jam

One of the nations in the world with the most sci-fi movie traffic jam is China. It hasn’t always been this way, but lately it is very common to find yourself in a stalemate.

Legislation in the Asian giant has determined different laws in some cities. For example, cars with odd or even license plates drive every other day, which favors the flow on the streets.

On the other hand, it is not that the traffic is bad, but that the original old design was not prepared for the increase of vehicles. However, driver education is minimal and, even if they have it, there are many people at the helm throughout the day.

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How is tourism in the Asian giant?

This is how you really live in China 4

Tourism in China

Tourism is an essential point within Chinese culture. It is true that modernity increases every day, but there are still sites that take you back to the ancient civilization. Some of the cities that maintain these monuments are Shanki and Yunnan.

You can learn about the history and enjoy the arches, bridges and centuries-old houses at the same time. We cannot forget, the imposing Tienanmen square, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. In addition, there is natural tourism between mountains, serene valleys, waterfalls, forests and lakes.

China and the school system

This is how you really live in China 3

It is mandatory in China to complete 9 years of schooling

Since 1986, it became mandatory in China to complete 9 years of schooling. Thus, the school system in the Asian giant has prepared:

    Nursery schools Preschool centers Schools for the deaf and dumb, primary, secondary, vocational and technical training Institutions of higher education and universities.

Regarding international educational centers, you can find them in various cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The institutions that stand out the most are the American, German, English and French.

Live individual and civil liberty

This is how you really live in China 2

Access to information on some topics of interest on websites is highly controlled

With an authoritarian, communist or socialist state, this is truly how you live in China. Since his release you can notice a freer environment than in the past. However, it differs from the democracy of other western countries.

Access to information on some topics of interest on websites is highly controlled, but there is a lot of propaganda with the use of the internet.

In the religious aspect the numerous Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist temples are notable. It should be noted that the state professes atheism and its leaders as well, although they have shown some tolerance for citizens to accept the regime.

Individual and civil rights are respected. For example, women in almost all areas are the same as men. However, there is still discrimination in hiring in different regions.

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In China you live safely

This is how you really live in China 1

Surveillance system in the streets

Have you visited a country where everything is visible?

China has the widest and most sophisticated surveillance network from all over the planet. At present, he owns no less than 170 million in a closed circuit. With them, it keeps its more than 1.3 billion inhabitants safe. Many think it is a great tool, but in the wrong hands it can be fatal.

Most of these cameras contain an artificial intelligence system, which favors the identification of people’s faces, ages, genders and even their ethnicity. The authorities are able to use this system both to investigate crimes and to predict them.

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