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Three Cuban dancers among the best in the world



According to Dance Europa magazine, three Cuban dancers are among the best in the world. The Caribbean Island School has managed to outperform many academies in developed countries.

In fact, ballet is one of the artistic manifestations with the best results in Cuba. Although the hundreds of graduates who manage to reach the professional sphere they have a great technique, there are some that stand out.

Do you want to meet them and others who have also stood out in the world?

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Viengsay Valdes


Viengsay Valdes

Viengsay Valdés is one of the most prominent figures among the many Cuban dancers of current relevance. its dynamism and grace to interpret any character they have made her worthy of success not only in Cuba, but also throughout the world.

He studied at the Alejo Carpentier Academy in Havana and, later, at the National Ballet School. From her student stage she was awarded numerous prizes in competitions and festivals of the specialty.

After finishing his studies, he joined the ranks of the National Ballet of Cuba. After the first year, she was promoted to principal dancer, to later obtain the category of prima ballerina. Since then she has played, with absolute perfection, roles such as Odette / Odile, Kitri, Clarita, Giselle, among others.

Off the island, Viengsay has shown his talents at the World Dance Stars Gala. He also stood out at numerous international festivals. Likewise, she has danced as a guest figure with the Royal Ballet of London and Denmark, the Washington Ballet, etc.

At present she is the director of the National Ballet of Cuba. There he has drawn up a strategy to keep the company at the top. Thanks to his progressive vision, the youngest dancers take center stage.

Osiel gouneo


Osiel gouneo

Another of the Cuban dancers classified among the best in the world is Osiel Gouneo from Matanzas. The traits that make him stand out the most are his strength and perfect technique.

Since 2008 he joined the National Ballet of Cuba and, after a while, he was evaluated as a principal dancer. Years later he went to Norway and danced in the national company for a period of three years.

In 2016 he changed groups again to continue adding experiences and repertoire to his career. From that date it appears as main dancer at the Bayerisches Staatsballet company in Germany.

Added to this are his joint appearances with the English National Ballet, and the Royal Danish Ballet. Likewise, it is worth highlighting their participation in international events and galas.

Among his awards as a dancer are:

    Gold medal in the International Ballet Competition in Beijing Gold medal in the Cuban Grand Prix Silver medal in the International Ballet Competition of Varna.

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Dani Hernandez


Dani Hernandez

Dani Hernández, paradigm of the National Ballet, is the third of the Cuban dancers to be selected among the best in the world. Has a perfect body figure for the profession and highly admired foot lines.

Although he began his studies in his hometown of Villa Clara, he arrived in the Cuban capital to study the Middle Professional Level. In these years he obtained a silver medal in the Contest of the International Meeting of Academies for the teaching of Ballet.

Once his student stage was over, he was able to join the National Ballet of Cuba; always showed a remarkable performance. Thanks to this, he had the opportunity to rise to the highest category he holds today.

He has participated in ballet festivals in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador. It has also been presented on multiple boards in Latin America and Europe.

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If you find the achievements of those already mentioned amazing, the following list is even more so. They are figures that have traveled the planet and left a deep mark on the universal dance sphere.

Alicia alonso


Alicia alonso

You cannot talk about Ballet in Cuba without mentioning the Prima Ballerina Absoluta, Alicia Alonso. Is the most brilliant figure of dance in Cuba and one of the most prominent worldwide. His presentations reached about 65 countries.

He not only stood out on stage, his work as a maitre d ‘was also excellent. He founded the National Ballet of Cuba and managed to position the company on a global level. After his death, Unesco decided to dedicate the International Dance Day to him in 2020.

Carlos Acosta placeholder image

Cuban dancers 4

Carlos Acosta placeholder image

Acosta is one of the Cuban dancers of great universal fame. His story of self-improvement has inspired many generations.

As a dancer he has been part of the ranks of companies such as:

It was deserving of the title Commander of the Order of the British Empire, as well as many other awards and medals. He is currently the director of Acosta Danza, his own dance group in Cuba.

Anette Delgado

Cuban dancers 3

Anette Delgado

Anette Delgado is another important ballet figure in Cuba today. Her technique is very complete and she has great mastery in the interpretation of characters like Giselle.

Between 1999 and 2001 He was part of the Young Ballet of France. After this, she reached the category of prima ballerina of the National Ballet of Cuba.

Grettel Morejon

Cuban dancers 2

Grettel Morejón with Dani Hernández

Like Anette Delgado, Grettel has held the title of prima ballerina of the Cuban National Ballet since 2013. Her way of dancing stands out for its sweetness and technical cleanliness.

From his student stage he began to excel in national and foreign competitions. After entering the professional world, he performed with great skill all the roles assigned to him.

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Jose Manuel Carreño

Cuban dancers 1

Jose Manuel Carreño

Coming from a family of dancers, José Manuel Carreño began at a very young age in dance art. He always stood out for his excellent physical conditions and his dedication to the profession.

He obtained numerous medals and awards in international competitions and reached the highest category in the National Ballet of Cuba. He has integrated dance groups such as the English National Ballet and participated in galas of transcendence in the guild.

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