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Tik Tok: a father performs fun dance with his children during quarantine



Here’s a quote that will probably stay with me, until this is all over, and the coronavirus become a shared memory, Weird and Horrible: Avani Gregg, a 17-year-old member of the Los Angeles-based collective Tik Tok Hype House, told Rolling Stone that since the pandemic, engagement on his social profiles has increased by 25 percent. Discover in this article the impressive video on the social network that has become viral in recent times Tik Tok, where a father performs a fun dance with his children during quarantine

“All people in quarantine, wait for something new to be published,” Avani said. << They constantly look at their mobile, all day, waiting >>. Okay, it was one of the defining activities of quarantine, at least for me: looking at my phone and waiting for someone to show me something. While Spotify streams are down, Tik Tok appears to have benefited from a boom in boredom around the world, by some numbers.

Father performs fun dance with his children during quarantine

Multiple brands, now tried to do viral coronavirus dances (including Vox!): Procter & Gamble, hired Charli D’Amelio, to promote their #DistanceDance, which reminds viewers to stay home. While Elf Cosmetics, he updated his song “Eyes Lips Face” to include lyrics to songs “You Need Soaps Up” and “Don’t Touch Your Face.”

However, any existing Tik Tok dance challenges will encourage people to stay home anyway. Those things take forever to learn! The families, they are doing tons of home dances together, and it’s adorable. This is how in Tik Tok: a father performs a fun dance with his children during their quarantine.

Also, it’s in large part thanks to the Blinding Lights Challenge, a group dance to The Weeknd’s song, of the same name as the crucial brand, takes about 30 seconds to learn, which makes it pretty easy to teach parents. reluctant.

With many Gen Z kids at home with their parents in quarantine, they couldn’t help but get them into Blinding Light’s Tik Tok Challenge as well. The challenge requires the creators to dance to a video for The Weeknd’s song “Blinding Lights.”

The single was at the top of the charts for weeks, so it’s not surprising that many are addicted to the tune. Also, it is common that the “sounds” of Tik Tok, become the best songs on the charts. The song most listened to by all people in these times of pandemic, The Weeknd, is no exception.

Girl dancing at home

You can do the challenge alone, or with several people

What is this dance

The challenge is for TikTok users to perform a specific dance routine for the song. You can do the challenge alone, or with several people. However, the dance obviously looks more organized and fun with more people.

With so much isolation, and sharing it with their families during this time. Many Tik Tok users thought it was the perfect time to get their families involved in the action.

If you search, #blindinglightschallenge, on TikTok, you will get thousands of videos of children with their moms and dads. Where, they dance doing acrobatics with their feet, and waving their arms to the rhythm of “Blinding lights”. At this point, at least one of the challenge members must be a parent.

The challenge begins with the family bouncing around the room, and taking center stage. Once the pace picks up, there are lots of choreographed kicks with pointy fingers, arm flapping, and some kind of swimming motion. The whole dance ends with a jump in the air. Likewise, in Tik Tok: a father performs a fun dance with his children during their quarantine.

It became so popular, that when you search the app, you will come across over 64 million search results, from people participating in the dance.

Mother and daughter dancing

We can have fun as a family

Dance video on Tik Tok that goes viral

In this App, which is very popular today, a video with a gratifying scene, it went viral. Integrated, by a father with his children, in a dance challenge to share on the Internet.

This video, went viral because it reveals the moment when a man shows his incredible ability to dance. With a choreography, which he prepared with his children. The funny recording became a trend in networks.

The man, showed all his ability to dance. The unique scene was recorded in a video that went around the world after being published on Tik Tok. It shows the agility of the protagonist to perform the steps, which the dance requires.

Description of the scene in the video

In the video, which has already reached millions of views. The patriarch of the McFarland family is observed, watching a video of the dance that his children did, along with a friend through his phone. Thanks to the fact that the children convinced him, some time later, he was encouraged to perform the choreography with them. The man decides to accept the challenge, but he could never believe that one day later, he would surprise with his dance and his incredible physical form, to everyone in the networks.

When the children finally convince him, they indicate the place where they are going to dance, and they go together to the garage of the house to perform the choreography. The father is the one who is placed in the center, despite being an older man, he moves with an enviable ease. His two sons accompany him on this adventure, leaving him as the center of attention for all the spectators.

The choreography couldn’t be better. They had, about a million shares, made it one of the most viewed virals of these days. With a skill in dance, enviable by many.

The family, McFarland, became very popular in the networks. Tired of being at home, they used all their skills to do one of the best choreographies in days of confinement due to the coronavirus of the moment.

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