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Tips to remove stains from the face caused by pregnancy



Pregnancy brings with it multiple changes in your body. A torrent of hormones that will revolutionize your body and the spots on your face are a common condition. You do not know how to treat or prevent them?

This article is ideal for you. Find the answers to all your questions about it.

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I am pregnant and I woke up with spots on my face

remove stains from the face caused by pregnancy 3

Spots on the face

Are you worried about the shadows that have appeared on your face during your pregnancy? Do not torment yourself, 90% of women experience.

These have several types. It would be great if you recognize which of all is the one that affects your face. Know the characteristics of each one.

    Red spots

Known as erythema. Their tone is red and they appear due to the hormones of the gestation process.

    Brown spots

This change in the skin comes out if you expose yourself too much to the sun. You can also find them on the internet under the name of melasma, chloasma or cloth on the face. If you take birth control pills or are doing any hormonal treatment, you may be a victim of these types of spots.

If you present these brown spots it is due to increased melanin production. A very important element for the entire body to function properly.

Basically, the appearance of spots on your face is due to hormonal changes and the sun.

7 great tricks to remove pregnancy spots

remove stains from the face caused by pregnancy 2

You can use apricot kernel oil

Spots are normal if you are pregnant. Don’t panic and don’t waste money! Try these 7 tricks to remove stains from the face caused by pregnancy.

    Apricot kernel oil

It is a product that improves the appearance of the face, calms inflammation and provides essential vitamins for your skin. You will not have to worry about allergic reactions, or feeling of greasy, or residues.

You wonder how it is used. Simple, you just have to moisten the product with a cotton ball and administer to the affected area. Leave it on overnight and you will have better results.

    Castor oil

Do not doubt the potential of this product to eliminate your stains. It contains a large number of proteins, minerals and vitamin E. In addition to a huge amount of anti-inflammatory properties.

    Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is also known as Aloe Vera. For thousands of years this product has been used for different healing purposes.

The spots on your face can be removed with this substance. Aloe contains the nutrients your face needs. Stimulates new cells and removes old ones.

Bring the gel to your face before bed and rinse it off in the morning. Look for alternatives, I recommend adding honey and applying it as a mask for 20 minutes.

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    Lemon juice

Do you remember this phrase: “If life gives you lemons, make yourself a lemonade”? Well, this citrus will help you eliminate the spots on the face caused by pregnancy.

It is a product rich in vitamin C that, as it whitens the nails, does so with the face. Apply the lemon juice to the area where you have the spots and massage slowly for 10 minutes.


You have surely heard of the many useful properties of oats. For stains, mix oatmeal with honey and let it act on your face for 20 minutes.


It is common for cucumber to be used as a beauty treatment. The benefits of this food on the skin are endless. Use it as a trick to remove pregnancy spots on your face. You will not regret it!

    Avocado and honey

The great healing and rejuvenating properties of avocado have been more than studied. A mixture with honey hydrates the skin and lightens blemishes.

It is an easy compound to prepare, you will only have to crush the avocado and add 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply the product on your face for 30 minutes and you will see great results.

How do I prevent spots from appearing on my face due to pregnancy

remove stains from the face caused by pregnancy 1

Wear hats or caps to avoid exposing yourself to UV rays

Pregnancy is a hormone pump for your body. One of the consequences of this is the appearance of spots on your face. Which will become more intense with sunlight.

To avoid the appearance of spots on the face you can follow the following tips.

    Use sunscreen of at least 30% throughout the day Avoid waxing in the mustache, this makes this area susceptible, increasing the spots Apply beauty treatments on your face, they will help you keep your face hydrated and feel better Take care of the sun, be protected, wear hats or caps to avoid exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays.

Do not worry. All the stains on your face will disappear after delivery. When the hormone levels caused by the process decrease, you will quickly notice the change in your face.

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