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Try it, wash your hair with coca cola and you will undoubtedly be surprised



Coca cola is a soda known to most of the people worldwide. You can find it in restaurants, shops and even in vending machines. It is the most bought brand of liquids and its red color and its stylized bottle are characteristic.

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If you suffer from a mistreated hair and without volume you should try washing it with coca cola. In this article you will find the benefits of this drink and how you should sanitize your hair with it.

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Benefits of washing your hair with coca cola

wash your hair with coca cola

Benefits of washing your hair with coca cola

Both on the web and in the minds of the elderly there are thousands of home tricks that will improve your hair. For some time a innovative trend It has become one of the biggest beauty secrets on the internet.

The most followed influences on the web have tried the trick of washing their hair with coca cola. Most offer positive opinions about this technique, which, although it seems strange, seems to be effective.

One of the pioneers to experience this practice was Suki Waterhouse in August 2015. In the interview, the supermodel commented that she takes advantage of it because she doesn’t like having clean hair and uses coca cola to get it dirty.

Wash your hair with Coca Cola and thus guarantee straight hair with only the waves you want. The idea is do not use the shampoo, on the contrary, achieve to sanitize the hair with this fizzy drink.

Next, you will be able to know the main properties of coca cola that benefit your hair.

    Clean hair

The best-selling energy drink internationally has a very low pH of 2.5 and 3, that is, it is acidic. If you do not know what this can represent, we will explain to you.

The skin has a neutral pH of 5.5, this means that any figure below or above can have effects on hair. These figures for coca cola are similar to those for soaps, hence the cleaning properties they present.

    Create waves

Coca cola tends to dry out hair and in doing so, simulates waves desired by many people.

    Stimulates hair volume

Wash your hair with Coca Cola if you want to achieve an effect of detangled hair and with greater volume.

    Eliminate dandruff

Use coca cola on the scalp with a cotton ball for 10 minutes to remove the bacteria that cause dandruff.

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How do you wash your hair with coca cola?

wash your hair with coca cola 2

How do you wash your hair with coca cola?

The question of how many times you should wash your hair has been the question of scientists for several years. On the one hand, some say that washing it daily will make it cleaner. However, studies have shown that sanitizing them too much causes a dry scalp and with more oil.

Some conclusions state that the ideal is to clean the hair twice a week. Keep in mind that some factors influence the frequency of your washing. For example, the type of hair, the treatments that are usually applied and the type of skin.

Several studies state that so much time in the shower causes the hair to start to get greasy. Together with the above, the scalp tends to capture a darker and brighter color.

The explanation of this phenomenon is based on tallow. You may know that this substance is formed by the oil glands called sebaceous. These glands are found in the dermis, next to the hair root, Its function is to ensure that your hair is not dry.

Despite the many studies you should bear in mind that not all people respond to the effect of the frequency and time of washing their hair in the same way. Each individual is completely different so everyone must follow their own rules.

To wash your hair with Coca Cola, take into account the frequency and time as if you were going to use the shampoo. This is a fairly simple trick to perform with a very popular drink.

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Lighten the color of your hair with coca cola

wash your hair with coca cola 4

Lighten the color of your hair with coca cola

Coca Cola has been proven to be the perfect ally for everyone who wants a quick inexpensive makeover. It is very useful to lighten the dark tint.

Taking into account that it is not an easy task to eliminate the effects of a dark dye, in the following lines you will find the necessary steps to achieve it, washing your hair with Coca Cola.

    First you must put together the following ingredients: 1 liter of the soft drink, half a tablespoon of baking soda and 2 of almond oil, and, finally, the shampoo. Once this is achieved, wet your hair with water and apply the coca cola leaving it to act for at least 1 hour, then mix the almond oil with the bicarbonate and a little shampoo, remove the preparation with plenty of cold water.
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