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Unusual waterfalls that you cannot miss



Giving up hard work and taking a breather is sometimes necessary. Getting in touch with nature can be the escape you are looking for from everyday stress.

A mountain and a river might seem like enough. However, reaching that point where the water falls off a cliff can generate the much desired ecstasy.

If you plan to do a trip to relax, I recommend these unusual waterfalls that will make you dream.

The 5 most unusual waterfalls in the world

For a unique experience, visit one of these phenomenal waterfalls:

Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls

When it comes to waterfalls, the term of reference is those of the Niagara River. Its name is due to the Iroquois language that reveals “thunder of water” in Spanish. It is about three waterfalls very close to each other.

They are located in the extreme northeast of the American continent, creating the border between the United States and Canada. They have a broad front of 56 kilometers, which falls to a height of 52 meters over the crystal clear lake.

Minute by minute 110,000 m3 of water overflow through them, surpassing any other on the planet. It is a spectacle that 30 million people come to see every year. Their popularity is such that they are the most shared on the social network Instagram.

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Iguazu falls


Iguazu Falls

With about 20 waterfalls, drawn in tropical green, it looks like a sight from an ancient world. Located between the Brazilian and Argentine borders, they stand out for their 275 waterfalls, the majority in Argentine territory. Interestingly, they are four times wider than Niagara.

The highest waterfall is 80 meters, located in the Brazilian part. Its name is given to the Guaraní word that means “Big Waters”. It is known as the “Devil’s Fall” given the impact of its water bodies.

They constitute an excellent viewpoint to observe typical birds of the region. From them, you can see toucans, macaws, coatis and other species in their natural environment.

Victoria Falls


Victoria Falls

Discovered in 1855 by the renowned David Livingstoney, they were renamed Victoria, by the British queen. These unusual African waterfalls are located between the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

At 108 meters high and 1.7 kilometers wide, they are distinguished by the phrase “the smoke that thunders.” Its fame is due to the unitary position of being the largest curtain of water on Earth.

It keeps the “rain forest” on the banks of the Zambezi river bathed forever. The fine drops of water splash that moisten the ground reach 600 million cubic liters per minute.

When there is a full moon, the afternoons offer a unique show: the night rainbow. It is a game between the lunar reflection and the liquid torrent.

Between September and December, when the river levels drop, you can enjoy a natural pool.

Angel Falls waterfall


Angel Falls waterfall

Discovered in 1933 by the aviator James Angel, it is considered to be the highest waterfall in the world. It is 15 times higher than those of Iguazú and exceeds 20 times the length of those of Niagara. With 979 meters deep, its fall from the plateau is finally pulverized in drizzles given the long distance.

The best season to go to see it is from June to December. Its location is intricate in southeastern Venezuela. To visit it, it is necessary to travel by plane to Canaima Camp and then by canoes.

If you go in the dry season, between December and March, you can still enjoy the jungle scenery.

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Salto del Tugela waterfall

Unusual waterfalls 5

Salto del Tugela waterfall

This is another one of the unusual waterfalls that you should visit. They are found in South Africa, in the Drakensberg Mountains. It is composed of five waterfalls with a height of 948 meters, so it is the second highest on the planet.

In dry seasons this waterfall usually disappears, because even in normal times it does not have much channel. In winter they are covered with snow and form columns of ice that offer a unique spectacle.

The vegetation in its environment is composed of more than 100 endangered species. A considerable number of endemic animals can also be seen in them.

More unusual waterfalls all over the planet

Many other places have waterfalls and waterfalls with characteristics worthy of admiration.

Kuang Si Falls

Unusual waterfalls 4

Kuang Si Falls

Located in the north of Laos, its turquoise color among the crystal clear waters make the visit different. In them you will find tree lianas for daring jumpers and refreshing natural pools.

Around it it has areas for rest and a rescue center from where all kinds of common accidents are supervised.

The Jog Falls

Unusual waterfalls 3

The Jog Falls

In India there are many waterfalls; But there is something that makes Jog Falls special. In these the water does not travel over the rocks tracing a trajectory, but rather plummets vertically. With about 253 meters high, these falls are located in the Shimoga territory, southeast of India.

Salto del Nervión waterfall

Unusual waterfalls 2

Salto del Nervión waterfall

Known as the largest waterfall in the Iberian PeninsulaWith a drop of about 222 meters, these waterfalls are imposing. They are located in Burgos and their environment is conducive to spending the day.

Lookouts with unbeatable views, valleys, and the river bathing the rocks are some of the experiences you can enjoy.

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The Plitvice Lakes Falls

Unusual waterfalls 1

The Plitvice Lakes Falls

They are part of a landscape whose beauty lies in the set of waterfalls, streams and small lakes. They are found in the Lika region, Croatia.

In its large territory, of about 30,000 hectares of dense forest, there are species such as lynx and deer. It is also the habitat of a species of fish that is only found in that country, the proteus. This fish has the characteristic of not having eyes, without a doubt all the beauty that surrounds it is lost.

What are you waiting for! The list of the most impressive unusual waterfalls on the planet awaits your arrival. Plan

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