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What are alpha hydroxy acids and how to use them?



Keeping the face flawless and smooth, like Cleopatra herself, is something everyone wants. When you hear the words alpha hydroxy acids, you probably think that it is something that affects your body in a painful way, but it is the opposite.

According to experts, AHAs, also called that, are the key to a magazine model complexion. If you want to know more about the subject, keep reading below and do not miss a single detail.

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Types of alpha hydroxy acids

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid

There are several types of AHAs. Surely you know, from history, that the famous emperor of Egypt performed milk baths, and it is because that product belongs to the group. Many of those that make it up are natural and derived from food. Of course, they contain them in varied proportions.

Here are some examples of alpha hydroxy acids:

    Glycolic Acid, present in sugar cane. Citric acid, which comes from the products of the same name.Malic acid, is found in apples. Mandelic acid, derived from bitter almonds.Tartaric acid, comes from grapes.

Benefits of alpha hydroxy acids

There are many benefits of alpha hydroxy acids on the skin and they work in different contexts. In the following list, you will find the main advantages.

They have an exfoliating effect


They have an exfoliating effect

Exfoliating the skin is the process of removing damaged cells, which are responsible for aging and other irregularities. AHAs gently break the bond between dead cells and the layers of the epidermis.

Once the break occurs, a new layer is exposed. The skin is uniform and has fewer blemishes than before the procedure. It is used to diminish acne marks, in addition to smoothing rough skin. Pigmentation processes also benefit from this method.

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Reduce expression lines

alpha acids hydroxides 4

Reduce expression lines

Continued use of alpha hydroxy acids helps thicken the epidermis and increase collagen production. In this way, expression lines are diminished and the skin is firm and smooth.

Not everything ends there because they also have a moisturizing action. By providing more water to the skin, they allow a better functioning and beautification of that organ.

Helps the action of other cosmetics

alpha acids hydroxides 3

These acids help the action of other cosmetics

It’s good to say that, AHAs fit perfectly into your skincare routines. They also perfect their action, regardless of what cosmetic you use.

If what you do is apply creams on top of the layers of dead skin, this product will remain on the surface. For their part, the alpha hydroxide acids cross the created barrier and correct the absorption of the imposed assets.

How to use alpha hydroxy acids correctly?

alpha acids hydroxides 2

Start using glycolic acid little by little

Of all the types, glycolic acid molecules are the smallest of the AHAs. This means that it can penetrate more deeply into the skin and have a more intense action, either for better or for worse. A good tip is start using it little by little, and increase the amounts.

As for lactic acid, it is slightly larger and therefore causes less irritation. Mandelic acid has the largest molecules of all and works in a longer time. Perhaps it is the best option if your skin is sensitive. It is important that you consult with your doctor about the right one for you.

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Use of alpha hydroxy acids in cosmetics

alpha hydroxy acids 1

The FDA advises that you do not use cosmetics that exceed 10% AHA concentration

Surely if you have come this far, you will wonder where to find such products. You might as well take milk baths like the Egyptian emperor, but I think it wouldn’t be very economical for your finances.

The smart thing to do is apply some derivative containing alpha hydroxy acids, after having thoroughly analyzed their safety in the body.

The FDA or Food and Drug Administration advises that you do not use cosmetics that exceed 10% concentration of AHA. Common ones like cleansers, toners, and moisturizers usually don’t exceed 5%, but they do have additive effects.

There are other more concentrated ones that you should only use once or twice a week. On the other hand, we find special cases of scrubs. They can have concentrations of up to 70%, that is why they are only recommended under medical prescription.

Just go to the doctor to recommend the products you need to apply according to your body. Once the reviews have been passed, you can start the treatments to achieve a smooth and soft skin. Fulfilling all the indications, you will become the envy of your friends.

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