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What you did not know about the multiple cultures of Africa



What comes to mind when you think of Africa?

It is common for many to imagine the diversity of animals, the beautiful landscapes or the natural riches. Although yes, the most attractive of the continent are the native groups that live there.

Many have survived and retain their personality, traditions, language, style, etc. In this overview I present to you what you did not know about the multiple cultures of Africa. A cultural and social map that is worth knowing.

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Discover some of the diverse African ethnicities

Each of the many cultures of Africa have different customs. In some, polygamy is common, in others they profess the same religions. However, they are very different. Following, I invite you to discover the traits of the African tribes.

What is the Mursi community


The Mursi community

The Mursi tribe is located in the Debud Omo region of Ethiopia. The dialect is Mursi, which corresponds to the Nilo-Saharan language. Its population currently has about 9 thousand inhabitants and they are considered a violent clan.

Its main activities are cattle raising and cultivation. For them it is very important to draw their body, that is why they do it several times a day with white chalk. Women adorn their lips and ears with clay, a symbol of elegance and strength.

Who are the San

the San

The San

Is one of the largest communities on the continent. It encompasses more than 10 peoples originating from Namibia, Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana and the Central African Republic.

The physiognomy is similar to the first inhabitants of Africa. The 100,000 members of the San have practiced animism.

What is the Zulu tribe


The Zulu tribe

It is considered one of the many cultures of Africa most numerous. They are present in some provinces of Mozambique, Zimbawa and Zambia. They are organized into patriarchal and polygamous groups.

It was founded in 1709 under the command of Shaka Zulu, a monarch who fought in various battles against the British Empire. Some of the most interesting curiosities of the tribe are:

– Clans gain prestige the more women and children they have.

– Their music is famous and they dance as if trembling.

– The hierarchy of the family is constituted by the leadership of men and women as housewives.

– They are farmers and have livestock.

What is the Tuareg ethnic group


The Tuareg ethnic group

This clan has several locations: Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. They move in the desert in family groups and have their own writing, the tifnagh. Their language is Tamashek.

The Islamic religion came from the influence of the East and they are unorthodox animists. It is a nomadic tribe and They are known as the “Blue Men” of the Sahara for their clothing.

Who are the Saras

the Saras

The Saras

They are almost 30% of the population located in Chad and 10% in neighboring countries such as the Central African Republic. It has been a shelter for members of other tribes like the Mbaye, Madjingate, Gambaye and Goulaye.

Who are the Hamer


The Hamer

The Hamer are one of the many cultures in Africa that originate in southern Ethiopia. They stand out for being cattlemen and farmers. They practice polygamy, but the first woman is in charge of taking care of the family.

They say that the feminine hairstyles they sport are worthy of everyone’s admiration. What’s more, they have a curious style with animal fats and reddish mud.

What is the Daasanach tribe


The Daasanach tribe

Located in the Omo Valley you will find a curious Ethiopian community. They are identified for being semi-nomadic dedicated to herding. They support each other because are exiles from other clans.

Their beliefs have been changed by the arrival of manufactured items. That is why waste is recycled to make all kinds of things. Among them we can mention the watches with bracelets, plates, hairpins, etc.

What is the Surma ethnic group


The Surma ethnic group

Of the multiple cultures of Africa, Surma is also known as the Suri tribe and their main work is herding. It is customary to practice cauterization in women as a sign of beauty and in men by strength and struggle.

Females wear clay plates on their lips and ears. This offers them a great marriage dowry, the bigger and more beautiful it appears. Instead, the boys to demonstrate their masculinity must fight in the “Donga” 2 on 2 with poles.

What is the Afar community


The Afar community

This tribe of the multiple cultures of Africa it is a thousand years old. Its habitat is the strip of desert that goes from Eritrea and Djibouti to Ethiopia.

They are dedicated to herding and their philosophy is to live as nomads. Most of them are Muslim with ringlets in their hair.

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What is the Maasai race


The Maasai race

It is divided into 5 communities between Tanzania and Kenya with a membership of about 800 thousand people. They are semi-nomadic. Their culture says that the more children and cattle they have, the greater the importance within the tribe.

Its buildings are built with cattle manure and the roof with straw. They only dress in red, with sequins and colored leaves. Among its traditions is dance with jumps and turns in circles.

What is Himba culture

multiple cultures of Africa 5

Himba culture

Among the many cultures of Africa is a semi-nomadic tribe called Himba. Are conservatives of their old style, monotheists and worshipers of the god Mukuru. Their home is located in the Kunene region of Namibia.

The peculiarity that stands out the most is the reddish tone of the skin and the purpose is to protect itself from the sun. Instead, women apply a mixture of herbs, ocher, and butter.

What is the Dinka ethnic group

multiple cultures of Africa 4

The Dinka ethnic group

It is a race that lives on the banks of the Nile River. divided into 21 groups with independent bosses. Although some marry only once, polygamy predominates. They work in three sectors: livestock, fishing and farming.

They are monotheists and their god is called Nhialac. They have several curiosities, such as the ones I show you below:

– It is customary to pull out a tooth for aesthetic reasons.

– Men often dye their hair red.

– Women shave their hair from their eyebrows and head.

Who are the Bushmen

multiple cultures of Africa 3

The bushmen

The Bushmen are a tribe that lives in the countries of Namibia, Angola, Botswana, and South Africa. One of the many cultures in Africa that has lived by hunting and growing fruits.

They say that in the 1990s the government expelled them from their homeland, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. But in 2006 they got a ruling that protects them. However, obstacles with the state regarding land continue and are in constant demand.

What is the ethnic group of the Pygmies

multiple cultures of africa 2

Ethnicity of the Pygmies

The Pygmy community is located in the Congo. They practice 3 religions, which are Catholicism, Animism and Islam.

Are very famous for the size of stature, they do not measure more than 1.5 meters. Their work is fishing and farming. In addition to sharing and exchanging with other tribes.

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What is the Turkana tribe

multiple cultures of africa 1

Turkana tribe

The last of the many cultures of Africa is Turkana. His work is herding and his law approves polygamy.

Some do not practice it because the dowry ranges from 30 to 50 cows or up to 200 small cattle. Their fame precedes them for the necklaces of many colors and the men sit out of habit in Ekicholong.

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