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Why can’t we see underwater?



What do clouds taste like? Where does the rainbow end? What prevents us from seeing underwater?

The human being is curious by nature and tries to answer your questions in one way or another. Sometimes he uses elaborate explanations and sometimes a little imagination.

Do you not know the exact reason that makes it impossible to see underwater? I invite you to read this article.

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What is the real reason that we cannot see underwater?

The reason that prevents us from seeing underwater remains a mystery.

I present to you the two clearest reasons why our eyesight becomes so limited in these circumstances.

The eyes: poor lenses under water

see under water 3

The eyes are poor lenses under water

The human eye is known to be anatomically and physiologically made to work in an external environment, this is where there is air. Its part known as crystalline, adopts the function of lens.

His homework? Warp until you can clearly see objects at various distances. Something similar happens underwater. Although things there are also some further away and others closer; you won’t be able to see them clearly or focus properly.

The question is why?

The environment inside the eye is watery, while outside it is filled with air. Therefore, in the passage from one medium to the other, the light rays are deviated. As the light changes its environment with different density, it produces a refraction.

When this process is affected by a visual difficulty of the person, there are glasses or contact lenses capable of correcting the defect. However, in the water the same does not happen.

When you open your eyes under it, the light comes from a watery medium, so the refraction that occurs is too small.

As a consequence of this, the eye loses power and the lens, no matter how hard it tries, will not be able to see clearly. For this reason, it will capture everything blurry. The image of objects, instead of forming on the retina, will do it further than is prudent.

The way to see underwater is by creating a layer of air between the eye and the water, an effect provided by underwater goggles. It does not matter that it is not in large quantities. But it is essential that light rays can pass from a medium with air to a watery one.

The result?

You will be able to see underwater more clearly.

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The darkness and the blue color of the water

see under water 2

The darkness and the blue color of the water

When you can see underwater, you will be able to distinguish how as it gets deeper, everything becomes darker and blue.

This darkness is a consequence of diffusion. The sun’s rays are not able to penetrate a certain depth. As you dive deeper, the absence of light becomes evident.

As a result, it will eventually make it impossible for you to see anything, neither with the naked eye nor with underwater masks.

And why does it look more blue?

Although you will not be able to perceive most of the objects, if you will see how the blue becomes more intense and predominant. This is because the warm tones of the sun are absorbed in the first few meters. So the deeper you go, the bluer you will see everything, until the moment comes when you see absolutely nothing.

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Shapes used to try to see underwater

see underwater 1

Wear a snorkel mask to see underwater

Broadly speaking, I am going to mention the most practical ways to capture what lives under water.

Naked eyes: Of course, the most common instrument for underwater inspection are the eyes. Opening your eyes underwater is almost an unconditioned reflex, much more than mere curiosity, an instinct for protection.

Man tends to want to look where he is going and what is below him. However, you will notice a completely blurry and insufficient landscape. Also, after a long time with your eyes open underwater, they will start to hurt.

Snorkel mask: a professional team can be much more useful in these cases. If it is in good condition, it may be possible to capture a clear image of the seabed.

Aquatic video cameras and equipment: basically these are tools used by film producers and directors to make their movies. This image takes all the awards for quality. But, it is not very likely that you will have an opportunity like this frequently.

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