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Xiaomi shows potential of its 108 mpx camera with photography from space.



We could say that if you enjoy observing photographs taken of Earth from space, we will agree that they have always been beautiful and incredible views. And how not to delight in these snapshots that reveal unique moments and colors that will not be repeated, inaccessible places of the more remote places of our planet.

Advances in technology allowed the great development that humanity currently has. One of the benefits of this is the invention of the camera. At present a camera lens can be found in dimensions little and they are not noticeable being in such a tiny form on our smartphones all the time. Although cellular, these photographic sensors are being developed and pushed to surprising limits.

Xiaomi shows potential of its camera

Xiaomi 108 mpx

Xiaomi’s super camera

Taking the two previous ideas, the Xiaomi company shows its camera’s potential with the development of an ultra-clear 108 megapixel camera. Is incredible camera that allows taking pictures from space quite clearly was incorporated in the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro terminals as their main rear camera.

In addition to this super camera they inserted another three lenses for greater performance which we will detail later. This configuration of sensors ranked the company # 1 in photography, showing the potential it can achieve when costs stop cutting.

Comparison between them in the photographic section.

The arrangement of the cameras in the rear is found horizontally with the four sensors one below the other for the two terminals. In this version of the Xiaomi it shows potential of its camera, with the two cases of the sensor par excellence that it had already used Xiaomi In the Mi Note 10, it seems to be the line that we will continue to see in the brand’s models.

This 108 megapixel star sensor has dimensions of 1 / 1.33 inches with a 7P lens, technology of stabilization 4-axis optics and 4-in-1 pixel-binning.

MI 10

    camera Main 108 MPX Super Wide 13 MPX Macro 2 MPX ToF 2 MPX

Xiaomi Mi 10 sensor

Now, as you imagine, there are differences between each one. In the Xiaomi Mi 10 we have the main sensor with 108 megapixels followed by the super wide angle sensor, the macro sensor of two megapixels for taking close approaches and two others to take care of achieving depth and object separation.

Apparently Xiaomi lets the main camera and the sensor depth, together with the software, do the job that a telephoto camera should since it is not included in this configuration, just as it does not include a telephoto sensor.

The MI 10 Pro

    camera Main 108 MPX 8P or Enhanced Ultra Wide 20MPX Telephoto 2x 12 MPX Telephoto 10x 8MPX

Xiaomi shows potential of its 108 mpx camera

Xiaomi with 108 mpx camera


As you can see and it was to be expected from the manufacturers in the pro terminals the characteristics change. This time in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro in the section of the Photography it was all for the better. We have a main camera equal to 108 megapixels, but this guarantees the quality and brightness of the images since the pro version has an 8p certification.

As you can see, the second sensor comes with an ultra wide angle reaching 20 megapixels and we have a 12 megapixel telephoto lens with a 2x zoom for the much demanded portrait mode. By latest, We have another telephoto sensor, this one with 8 megapixels with a 10x zoom which can reach 50x with the help of software.

Xiaomi software options

All of the above mixed with the optimization choices that the software leaves us with a few options and modes that allow us to have a better experience with the device.

It only remains to be seen if this software is up to the task to fully utilize the one that is the best camera in smartphones and the Snapdragon 865G, the best processor on the market without failures in the most adverse conditions.

Example of it we could mention the cutouts of portrait mode or shots in night mode and even a combination of both that would demand optimal behavior.


Making a rough summary of the characteristics between them, we have the similarities that both record videos in resolution up to 8k and have double speaker stereo winning the award over its similar high-end and premium-range on many platforms dedicated to these benchmarks.

Until the moment of the presentation of these Xiaomi terminals the lead It was commanded by Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro 5G Chinese smartphone.

Xiaomi 108 mpx camera



As differences, we have the two telephoto cameras of the Mi 10 Pro; on the macro sensor and the ToF or depth sensor of its little brother. Other pulled apart with differences, it is the battery that, although they share the same dimensions; the Mi 10 has a range of 4780 mAh and a fast charge of 30 watts.

While the version pro, it only has 4500 mAh if improving its fast charge to 50 watts. Giving an approximate of 45 minutes to have our phone fully charged.

Device prices

According to the agreed date, to launch on February 23 of this year, these terminals for sale; was affected after the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress. The agenda of Xiaomi it underwent changes that have forced us to wait for the new date to be chosen and officially presented.

Although they have not gone on sale we can make a conversion according to the prices advertised in China. The version of the setting lowest of the Xiaomi Mi 10 8/128 GB, starts at 530 euros at the exchange rate approximately. In parallel, the 8/256 GB Mi 10 Pro does it from 650 euros.

Which one to choose?

Taking into account all the considerations set out above, without a doubt we are facing a terminal that although its price is high; he is not one of those who head that list.

It is a device that works with good balance, as does the One Plus. The relationship price quality, this being undoubtedly a good aspect to take into account when purchasing a new device.

If we will have the best processor available, the best camera, a high quality screen and other aspects above the average. For high-end and premium-end terminals, we might think that, not present prices as high as its direct rivals. Becoming one of the most anticipated Phones in this 2020.

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